Invoicing From Both QuickBooks & Manager

If your set up requires you to be able to continue invoicing from QuickBooks as well as accepting transferred invoices from MagManager.  You can do that providing your QuickBooks account is set up in the correct way.


For this to work ‘Custom Transactions Numbers’ should be turned off in QuickBooks.

To do that:

  • · Go to the Gear icon, then choose Account and Settings.
  • · Select the Sales tab.
  • · Click anywhere within the Sales form content section.
  • · Turn off the toggle switch next to Custom transaction numbers.
  • · Click Save and then Done.

This allows you to transfer invoices from MagManager to QuickBooks, While still retaining the existing
invoices number structure in QuickBooks, so you can continue to invoice other items directly in

Screenshot 2023-08-04 152707.jpg


In MagManager you need to add a prefix to your invoice settings

To do that:

  • · Go to the main settings page
  • · Under Accounts > Select Company Details
  • · Enter your prefix in the Invoice Prefix text box
  • · Click Save

Invoices raised in QuickBooks will follow the sequence 1001, 1002, 1003 etc.

Invoices raised in MagManager and transferred to QuickBooks will follow the sequence MM0001001, MM0001002, MM0001003 etc. (If you have edited the invoice number length it may be different).


How to Reset 

If the custom transaction numbers setting is set to ‘on’ in your QuickBooks account, and you have transferred over an invoice from MagManager.  The next invoice you raise in QuickBooks will pick up the MagManager invoicing sequence.


To resolve this follow theses steps:

First check your QuickBooks account to find the next invoice number, eg 1000.

1 - Make sure the custom transactions numbers setting is ON, (follow the steps above).

2 - Click create invoice in QuickBooks, delete the MagManager invoice number and replace it with the next QuickBooks invoice number, eg 1000.

3 - Click create invoice in QuickBooks and check the invoice number shows the expected QB invoice number in the sequence, eg 1001.

4 - Set the custom transactions numbers setting to OFF.

5 - Raise another invoice in QuickBooks to make sure it auto-generates the expected next invoice number, eg 1001.  If it does then everything is set up correctly.





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