How to Create a Client List

Select Clients on the top navigation bar.  

Use the Search Box, Sections or Flags to find the clients you want to add to the list. Click the Check the box in the first column to select the clients.

Uncheck any clients that you do not want to add to the list.

Click create list top right of the screen.

To create a new list - enter a name for the list in the 'Name' field.


To add clients to an existing list - leave the name field blank and select the name of the existing list from the dropdown box next to 'Add to List'.

Click 'Save' to create your list. 



The new list will appear as a separate tab when viewing the clients screen.

2023-08-24 16 02 57 client screens list tabs.png


Merging Client Lists

In order to merge 2 client lists, the list you are merging TO must be assigned to you.  You cannot merge into a list that is assigned to another use.

Lists assigned to other users will appear with the user name in brackets after the list name, as below.


If you try to add the existing list to a list that does not belong to you, the message 'Save List Failed' will appear at the top of the screen.


Open the client screen > Select the list  (EG Mandy's Renewals > Click Manage List > Under the Add to List drop down choose the list you want to add the clients on the current list to (EG Christmas Feature) > Click Save.

The clients on the Mandy's Renewals list will then be added to the Christmas Feature List.


Emailing a Client List

The client list can be picked up in the search area of Mailshots.

Click here to see the notes for more details on sending mailshots through MagManager.



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