Gamification on Sales

Gamification on sales

Add some competition for your sales team – see which user has made the most sale 'Top Sales' and the most Sales to new clients 'Brand New Bookings'.

To enable this feature, go to System Settings > Under Settings > Click System Defaults > Toggle the switch for ‘Use Gamification on Sales’.

From the Booking screen > Select the History Tab >Use the Select Range drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the screen, to choose a date range.

Under the Bookings tab – the bookings in the selected range will be displayed.

Red Heart = Top booking by value. Brand New Booking (new client) & New Booking (existing clients).

Yellow Star = All other new bookings – Hovering over the star will display ‘Very Highly Commended’ for brand new bookings (a clients first booking) and ‘Highly Commended’ for all other new bookings.


2023-12-21 12 31 31 Bookings screen History tab Bookings tab 1.png


Under the Top Bookers tab – you’ll see the total booked by each user for the selected range.

All users that made bookings in the selected period are displayed. The users with the Top New Sales and Top Sales are highlighted on the main list and with a pop up.


A red heart is displayed for each Booking for a Brand-New Client and a yellow star for each New Booking for an Existing client, along with the total value of sales made.

2023-12-21 12 52 09 Booking Screen Booking Tab Top Bookers Tab.png





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