The Artwork Screen

The Artwork screen is made up of 2 parts, the sidebar and the all artwork pane.

The Sidebar - Publication & Issues Filter

This allows you to filter which issues of your magazine are displayed. 

 Simply click the Publications and Issues that you'd like to see. 


2023-12-28 09 43 15 artwork sidebar.png


Q : The issue or publication I'm looking for is not listed

A : There are 2 possible reasons for this.

  •     The issue you are looking for does not exist. Use the New Issue Button to add one
  •     The issue or publication may have been set as inactive by your administrator in 'Settings'  

The All Artwork Pane

All artwork associated with the issue(s) selected from the sidebar are displayed. This includes artwork associated with adverts, content & miscellaneous bookings.

2023-12-28 10 30 17 all artwork.png

If too many results have been returned you can either use the 'Issue Filter' to further refine the results, alternatively use the and begin typing the name of the content you'd like to see. Examples: The assigned user's name - Anne Griffith or a particular status setting - Awaiting Customer Artwork.


The colums can be reordered by clicking on the sort icons at the top of each header.

2023-12-28 09 56 20 artwork sort.png


Click on the following fields to show more details of the artwork:

 All Fields -  To open the advert details. where you can change the status setting, reassign the artwork, upload artwork, add a note & email via the client portal. 


Artwork Statuses

For more information on artwork statuses click here.


Miscellaneous Sales Item

For artwork to appear on this screen for miscellaneous sales items, the 'Requires artwork' setting must be ticked within the settings for that miscellaneous item. For more information on setting up your miscellaneous sales item to have them appear in the artwork screen list click here.




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