The Pipelines Screen

The Pipeline screen is made up of 5 lists and the individual client cards.

The lists

These represent each stage of your sales funnel.  From prospect to making the sale.  The client cards are moved from list to list are they progress through your sales funnel.

The total number of client cards in the pipeline is displayed top left next to the pipeline name.

The number of client cards on each list appears next to the list header.

2023-12-28 11 47 46 pipelines.png


Overview of the client cards



Sales overview

The value of provisonal sales and confirmed sales are displayed at the top of the screen

2023-12-28 12 29 41 pipeline clear list.png



To clear all client cards from a list

Click the Clear List(s) button 

2023-12-28 12 29 41 pipeline clear list.png

Select the lists to clear from the dropdown > Click Clear.


Sort order of client cards

You can sort the order of the client cards on the pipeline, based on Company Name or Action Due Date, by clicking on the Sort Order dropdown box and choosing an option.

2023-12-28 11 00 38 pipeline sort order.png


Switch between pipelines

You can switch between pipelines by clicking the dropdown box and selecting another pipeline from the list.

2023-12-28 12 00 28 pipeline switch.png


To Add a client to the pipeline

To add a client > Click the +plus sign in the list header > Enter the client’s name in the search box > Select the client > Click Add.

2023-12-28 12 10 27 pipeline add a client.png

Note - Clients can also be added to a pipeline from the client details tab and from a list on the clients screen.


Delete a client from the pipeline

To delete a client > Click the bin icon on the client card > Click Remove to confirm. 

2023-12-28 12 10 27 pipeline delete a client.png


More information on pipelines

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Actions play an important part in using pipelines. 

For more information on actions click here


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