GoCardless - Setting Up A Client Direct Debit Mandate

** You can only connect your GoCardless account to one organisation. (Example you cannot connect your GoCardless account to both MagManager and  GoCardless for Xero at the same time). **


How to Link Gocardless to MagManager is covered here


Setting clients up for GoCardless payments

Option 1 - Send the invoice containing the GoCardless 'Pay and DD Mandate Link' to the client and they can sign up directly from there.


Option 2 - Create a GoCardless Email with the 'GoCardless DD Mandate Link' and send it to the client to let them set up the direct debit mandate in advance.

The steps below cover how to create and send the GoCardless Email to your client.  The email contains a unique link which takes them to GoCardless where they can set up the direct debit mandate.

NOTE: Mandates take up to 3 days to become active, as the person has the right to cancel.


Step 1 Create a New Document Template

Go to the main settings page > Under Admin > Select  Document Templates > Select My Documents tab > Click the green "New Document" button top-right of the screen > Next choose Email Document > Choose a context (for mailshots use General) > Under Base My Document on Select Create A New Document.

Example document below, create a similar message including the 'GoCardless DD Mandate Link' token to suit your requirement and Save it

Step 2 - Set the new email template to be available on email tab of the client screen

Go to the main settings page > Under Admin > Select  Document Templates > Select My Documents tab > Search for the GoCardless Email (or the name you gave it) > Under the header 'Available on Client' there will be a red X > Click the red X and it will turn into a green tick > The email will now be available on the email tab of the client record


2024-04-09 14 54 12 available on client.png


Step 3 - Send the email to the client 

Open the client record > Select the Email tab > Select the GoCardless Email.

2024-02-02 12 21 04 email.png

A preview email will open, which includes a unique link > Edit the text if required > Click Send Email.

The client clicks on the link in the email, which takes them to GoCardless to complete the direct debit mandate

The client will see the following screens


Once complete they will then be redirected to your direct debit landing page thank you message.


Once the client completes the online Mandate you will be notified directly by GoCardless and you will also receive a notification in MagManager

2024-02-02 12 16 39 Gocardless notifications dd set up.png

The details tab on the client record will automatically be updated to show the Payment Method as GoCardless

And once an invoice has been raised on their account, an additional column will appear headed GoCardless on the Invoices tab.

How to Collect payments via GoCardless is covered here.

How to cancel an invoice & direct debit instruction is covered here.

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