GoCardless and MagManager Overview

** You can only connect your GoCardless account to one organisation. (Example you cannot connect your GoCardless account to both MagManager and  GoCardless for Xero at the same time). **

Get paid using GoCardless and MagManager

You can now put links on your MagManager invoices and emails to create Direct Debit mandates for your regular advertisers. You can also receive Instant Payments for those one-off payments.


Payments are automatically reconciled against your MagManager invoices, saving you hours of bookwork.

·       Customers only need to set up their payment details once

·       Payouts are made to your bank account after being processed

·       Your invoice is automatically reconciled in MagManager



How it works

GoCardless as a payment service

Add a GoCardless payment option to your customer’s invoice so they can easily set up recurring direct debit payments or make an instant payment directly from the invoice. 

  • Recurring direct debit payments: GoCardless lets your customers set up direct debits and give authorisation for GoCardless to automatically collect payments for all future dated, approved invoices.
  • Instant bank payments: GoCardless’s Instant Bank Pay option allows your customers to make a one-off payment directly from the invoice via bank transfer. 

How it works in your MagManager organisation

  • You need the Admin user role to set up a payment service.
  • For direct debit payments, GoCardless records payment on your MagManager invoice on the due date, but it can take a few days for GoCardless to transfer the payment to your bank account. With Instant Bank Pay, the payment will be recorded on the date the payment is made.
  • For direct debit customers, you can cancel a scheduled GoCardless payment by removing payment date from the invoice. If you still need to collect the payment click on the Request Payment.

Instant Bank Pay

Instant Bank Pay is available to all UK customers who are connected to the newest version of our GoCardless integration. MagManager uses the latest version.

Collecting payments in different currencies

Instant Bank Pay is currently only available for UK bank accounts and transactions in pounds sterling.

However, with direct debits you can invoice your customer and collect payment in:

  • Australian dollars
  • New Zealand dollars
  • Pounds sterling
  • Canadian dollars
  • US dollars
  • Euros
  • Swedish kronor
  • Danish kroner 

If you invoice your customer in another currency, you can choose whether GoCardless pays you in your customer’s currency or your own currency. 

Your customer’s GoCardless currency is determined by the currency of their bank account, and needs to match the currency of their invoice for successful payment.


Add GoCardless as a payment service

You can only connect your GoCardless account to one organisation. If you connect the same GoCardless account to another organisation, it will automatically disconnect from the first one and cancel any scheduled payments. (Example you cannot connect your GoCardless account to both MagManager and  GoCardless for Xero at the same time).

GoCardless - Linking with MagManager


Apply GoCardless to an invoice template

If you’ve connected a new GoCardless account in MagManager, or an existing GoCardless account without direct debit forms, GoCardless link is now available on your default invoice template.

You can also attach GoCardless links to other invoice templates you have set up in your MagManager account.

GoCardless - Linking with MagManager- See the section titled Adding GoCardless Payment Link to Invoice Documnt Template

You can also use these steps to swap between direct debit and Instant Bank Pay as the default GoCardless payment option on an invoice template.


You can ask your Customer to Sign up to GoCardless before raising an Invoice

GoCardless - Setting Up A Client Direct Debit Mandate

Once this is done you can now raise Invoices for the client, if you have ‘Automatically Request Payments on Invoice creation’ the payment will be automatically taken.

You will be notified by GoCardless when the user has signed up for GoCardless.



How to send Invoice emails and Invoices to GoCardless Customers in MagManager

GoCardless - Collecting Payments


Set up or edit a direct debit

Get authorisation from your customer for a new direct debit

To collect GoCardless direct debit payments from your customer, you need to get your customer’s authorisation to set up the direct debit.

When you send an invoice with GoCardless attached, if your customer doesn't already have an authorisation, they can set it up when they click Pay Now

You can also send your customers a separate link to the authorisation form, such as via the Gocardless email, found on the client's email tab in MagManager.

The link is unique to the contact. MagManager automatically matches the mandate to the client record in MagManager.

The process that your customer needs to follow to set up their direct debit authorisation is the same no matter which version of GoCardless you use, or how they receive the link.

Your customer needs to: 

  1. Either click Pay Now on the invoice, or open the link you've provided.
  2. Click Set up Direct Debit.
  3. Complete the details on the direct debit form.
  4. Click Set up Debit Order authorisation to confirm.

UK customers can set up the authorisation with dual signatories.

After your customer has completed the form, they’ll see details of the scheduled direct debit payments on each invoice they receive from you. They’ll also receive an email reminder before the scheduled payment date.


Edit or cancel an existing direct debit

To cancel an upcoming GoCardless payment follow the steps in the notes below:

GoCardless - Cancel invoice & direct debit

Note: when you cancel an Invoice you must also cancel the payment request if it's linked to GoCardless.



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