GoCardless - Cancel Invoice & Direct Debit

** You can only connect your GoCardless account to one organisation. (Example you cannot connect your GoCardless account to both MagManager and  GoCardless for Xero at the same time). **


To cancel an invoice and direct debit

NOTE - There a 2 steps:

1 - cancel the invoice
2 - cancel the direct debit instruction.

1 - Locate the client invoice > Click on the magnifying glass > Click Cancel > Click 'Yes' to confim and 'Yes' to are you sure?

2024-02-23 16 20 39 cancel invoice.png

The invoice is now cancelled and appears red.

2 - The next step is to cancel the direct debit instruction >  Click on the date in the GoCardless column

2024-02-23 16 23 18 cancelled invoice.png

You will be asked if you are sure you want to cancel this payment request? > Click Cancel Payment.

2024-02-23 16 26 07 cancel payment.png


Confirmation that the payment has been cancelled will flash across the top of the screen, and "Cancelled" will be displayed in the GoCardless column.

2024-02-23 16 17 36 cancelled gc.png

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