Unable to upload or clear artwork

When the upload artwork and clear artwork buttons are greyed out and you are unable to change the artwork.  This is because the artwork has been used in a previous publication that has been marked as complete.  And this is to prevent you deleting the artwork.

2024-03-08 10 38 11 used in.png

In order to upload new artwork, you need to add a new advert/content box to the booking.  You can do that by going directly to the client record and opening the booking there or from the flatplan > Open the advert details > Click the View Booking button.

2024-03-08 10 38 11 used in view booking.png

Once the booking list is open > Click the green button New Advert/Content > Select the advert/content size > Drag & drop the new advert/content box down onto the booking line > Save the booking.

2024-03-08 10 42 27.png

Now when you open the artwork box - you'll see the Upload Artwork button ready for you to upload the new artwork.

2024-03-08 10 45 26.png

NOTE: Beneath each artwork box you can see which publications and issues this particular piece of artwork is being used in, so it's always worth checking that information before you upload any artwork.


See the notes on Managing Artwork for futher help on managing your artwork. 

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