Agency Bookings

When you have an agency acting for another business, you can set the agency up as the client and add the other business name in the "Advertising As" field.


When you make the booking add a reference to the PO Field

If the agency has multiple clients, when you come to make a new booking, first change the 'Advertising As' field to the name of the other business then proceed to make the booking.

The 'Advertising As' name will show up connected to the artwork assigned to the booking on the Manage Artwork screen and the flatplan.  

Note** Adding the other business name to the 'Advertising As' Field will only update it for new bookings.  Any existing future bookings will still retain the original 'Advertising As' name on the manage artwork screen and flatplan. Which allows you to add multiple client bookings under the one MagManager client account. (Clients 1 - 4 in the example above)


For extra reference you can open the assigned artwork and add a note to include the advertisers name or other notes relevant to the advert.


The display name can also be updated on the flatplan by opening the advert details and changing the Company name field there.


Option 2

If using AutoPublish to create the index you would need to set up separate clients, in order to have them appear in the index under different sections/categories, as changes to sections happen in real time.

In this instance you would create separate clients eg Media Agency Ltd (Client No1) and Media Agency Ltd (Client No2) as this will allow you to set a section or category specific to the advertiser.

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