Content downloading with additional .pdf extension

If you're unable to open MagManager content that you've download as the file format has an additioinal .pdf extension to the file name eg GardeningMay24.pdf.pdf or

There are a few things that you can try with Safari to see if this rectifies your issue:

1 - First try downloading the file using another web broswer such as Chrome, this will determine if it's a Safari issue.

2 - Check you are using the most up todate version of Safari. - Link to Apple Support:

3 - Clear the Safari caches

  • Open the Safari browser and click the Safari tab on the upper left of the desktop (next to the Apple logo).
  • Select the Safari Preferences option in the context menu.
  • Turn to the Advanced tab, and then click the Show Develop menu in menu bar.
  • Click the Develop tab on the taskbar of your Mac desktop.
  • Select the Empty Caches in the dropdown menu of the Develop tab.
  • After you have cleared the caches, try to download any item via Safari to test if the Safari Downloads not working issue is repaired.

If this doesn't solve your issue, can you then try the following:
4 - Disable Extensions and plugins

  • Run Safari on Mac, and click the Safari tab on the upper left of your desktop.
  • Select the Safari preferences in the context menu.
  • Turn to the Extension tab, and then uncheck the extensions and plugins.
  • After you have finished these actions above, try to download an item in the Safari browser again.


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