Mailshot Dashboard Overview

The mailshot dashboard is accessed by going to Reports > Select Create Mailshots > Click the black envelope.

To create a new mailshot click on the green button New Mailshot. Click here to access the notes on creating mailshots.

2024-03-21 12 45 47 Mailshots screen new mailshot.png

Displayed in the list are:
The date the email/SMS was sent.
The name of the document sent. 
The number of emails/SMS messagea sent as part of the campaign.
The number of responses to that campaign. 
View email button to allow you to quickly view a copy of the email sent.

2024-03-21 12 45 47 Mailshots screen.png


To see an example of the email sent click View Email.

To view a list of the companies the email/SMS was sent to click the number under the emails/SMS header

2024-03-21 12 45 47 Mailshots screen emails sent.png


A list of companies will be displayed.  If a reply has been received a green tick will appear in the responded column, if no reply has been received a red X will appear.

2024-03-21 17 03 51 mailshots sent.png


Note: In order for responses to be tracked the Tracking ID token must be added to the email document template before it is sent.

How to do that is covered in the notes here.


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