How To Add A Tracking ID to Mailshots

Adding a Tracking ID

In order to track the responses per email campaign you need to add a Tracking ID token to the email document template prior to sending.


To do that go to the main settings page > Under Admin > Select Document Templates > Click to open your document > Click the area of the document where you want to add the tracking ID > From the Tokens in the sidebar click 'Tracking id' to add the token > click Save

2024-03-21 16 29 33 Add tracking id to email template.png


The tracking ID will appear as tiny text at the bottom of the email

2024-03-21 16 33 13 tracking id in email.png


The responses will be recorded on the Mailshots screen

2024-03-21 12 45 47 Mailshots create new mailshot.png

Click here for an overview of the Mailshot Dashboard

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