GoCardless Integration - FAQs

** You can only connect your GoCardless account to one organisation. (Example you cannot connect your GoCardless account to both MagManager and  GoCardless for Xero at the same time). **

Q - Can I sent clients my existing GoCardless Link?

A - While there is nothing to stop you sending your existing GoCardless link, be aware that there would be no integration with MagManager by doing that.  In order for the integration to work MagManager & GoCardless must be connected and you should send either an email or invoice to the client from MagManager as the link generated within the email/invoice contains an additional unique identifier linking the client & GoCardless which allows the invoice status to be updated.


Q - Will the payment transfer to my accounts package?

A - Yes they will by clicking the transfer button within your account package settings in MagManager.  See the notes in the link below:

GoCardless - Transferring Payments to Xero/QuickBooks/Kashflow

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