Accessing the flat plan

Go to the home screen where you will find your current issues listed. By clicking on the three-bar toggle menu button at the top-left of the screen, you will see a list of all active issues. Click on the name of the publication and issue you want. This will take you to the flat plan overview screen.  Fom there click View Flat Plan. You can also access the flat plan by clicking on a publication and issue on the Publications screen.  Or from the booking grid on a client record by clicking the magnifying glass on the right side of the blue box (orange box for premium pages) under the Publication and issue the client is booked into.


Finding a specific booking on the flat plan

You can also access the flat plan directly from the client bookings screen. (Select a client, and then click on the Bookings tab). Clicking on the magnifying glass next to the booking you are interested in takes you directly to that booking in the flat plan. 


NOTE: On the client booking screen, yellow bookings have been assigned a premium page, light blue bookings have already been placed on the flat plan, and dark blue bookings have not yet been placed on the flat plan. The bookings show grey when an old issue has been marked as “complete”.

This short video illustrates how you can access the flat plan.


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