Creating mail shots for artwork

You can create a mailshot to target your clients who are booked in to particular issues to ask for artwork. MagManager lets you email your clients based on their artwork status, so you can send out emails just to those clients you don’t have artwork for yet.

NOTE: Only admin users have permission to send mailshots from MagManager.

 Provided that your client replies to your email using an email address that you have in MagManager, replies to emails sent via mailshots will appear in your notifications- see the section on notifications below.

 To start, go to Reports, and click on Create Mailshot, and then on the mail icon.


You will now be prompted to choose what sort of communication you wish to create. Choose Artwork here.

You’ll now be prompted for your search options. Click the box next to Artwork to select the artwork statuses you wish to target.


You can now also select whether you want to contact people for Adverts, Content, or both.

Next, select the publication(s) and issue you are targeting (here you can click the list to the left of the page).

When you are ready, click “search”.

Working with your Search Results

After choosing your search options and clicking search, you will get a list of clients. These will be presented under a tab called "Results"- you can go back to the Search tab and change your search options if you wish. Any clients without an email address will be listed but will have no tick (check) next to their entry. You can choose to deselect clients from this list.

TIP: If you want to select just a few items from a list, it's best to unselect them all using the tick (check) box in the header, and then individually select the ones you want.


When you have the clients you want selected, go ahead and click the green Select/Create Email button on the top right of the screen.

Creating an email template

From the dropdown list next to "Base my email on: " you can choose an existing template or select to create a new email template on the fly. See the notes below on creating email templates.

Reviewing and sending emails

When you have finished your email template, click the green Preview and Send button. You will see a preview of the email for the first client on your list.

TIP: Near to the green Select/Create Email button you will see the number of clients that have been selected.

If you are happy with it, you can either click "send all emails", or if you want to continue looking through all the emails, you can click "send and Next Email".

You can also skip the current email without sending.

Using Notifications to check incoming email

Replies to emails sent via mailshots will appear in your notifications.

Near the top-right of the screen, next to the search and the Dropbox icon, you will see a grey box containing a number. Clicking on this takes you to the Notifications screen.

Your notifications include records of:

  • Emails sent from MagManager
  • Emails received by MagManager
  • All client portal updates amended by client

If you click on an email notification, you will be taken to the timeline of the client

If you send a mailshot from MagManager, you can find replied by looking in Notifications.

Document templates

To set up email templates in advance, go to Settings, and click on Document Templates (found in the Admin section), and then on the My Documents tab.


Click on the green "New Document" button in the top-right of the screen. Next choose either an "email document".

You will now be prompted to supply a context for your document template. Choosing the context will determine where your document template will be available for your use, and also which "tokens" will be available to personalise your template.

If are setting up a document template to use with a mailshot, then the context you choose here will need to match the context you use in the mailshot, so if you are sending out an “artwork” email, you’ll need to choose “artwork” here.


You can read the full notes on setting up email document templates here.



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