Using different artwork in bookings

If you are using different artwork in different bookings, then you need to set up advert boxes for each piece of artwork. This is also the case if you want to have a different Status or Date Due for the same advert in different issues.

In these notes we will cover two examples, in the first example, a new booking is created in the knowledge that the client will use different artwork each issue.

In the second example, a client who has an ongoing booking and has been using the same artwork wants to change it.


Example 1: using different artwork in 3 different issues

In this example, I have bookings for my client Ali Bear for March, April and May. My client wants to use different artwork each time.

First, I go to the client Booking tab, and then click on one of the bookings (blue boxes). This brings up the booking details screen. Here I can see (from the text in red below the pink box) that I have one artwork box assigned to the issues March, April and May. 

If I want to create a new advert of the same size, I simply click on the plus sign at the top-right of the advert box.


 I now have a new identical advert box to use for my new artwork:


TIP: For a new advert of a different size, instead of clicking on the plus, click on the green “New Advert” button and choose the advert size required.

I now drag the new advert box down to the April issue.

image004.jpgI repeat the above process for the May issue, and drag the third advert down onto the booking line. Save the booking.

 image005.jpgAfter saving the bookings, I have 3 separate advert boxes, and I can upload different artwork for each issue.


Example 2: Changing artwork in an ongoing booking

In this case, the client has an ongoing booking with two issues already invoiced. The client initially wanted to run the same advert in all issue, however, he now wants to run different artwork for the May issue.


First, go to “new advert” and choose the size. This brings up a new pink box for the new artwork. 

Next, drag this pink box down to the line next to “May 2019”. As you have a large booking, MagManager will check to see whether you want to update all the un-invoiced issues with this artwork.


As this client is only replacing the artwork for the May issues and will continue to use the existing artwork on the other issues, click “cancel” and only the May 2019 booking will be updated. If the client wanted to use this artwork in all issues, click “replace adverts”.   Save the booking to confirm the changes.


The key to managing arwork is to always check the 'Used In' publications and issues listing beneath the artwork box you are uploading the artwork to.  As it details which publications & issues the artwork will appear in.  If the publications & issues are not correct, then you need to go back to the booking and amend the advert artwork box that's attached to the booking line. 




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