Finding incoming emails in Notifications

Near the top-right of the screen, next to the search and the Dropbox icon, you will see a bell icon. Clicking on this takes you to the Notifications screen.


Your notifications include records of:

  • Emails sent from MagManager
  • Emails received by MagManager
  • All client portal updates amended by client

If you click on an email notification, you will be taken to the timeline of the client

If you send a mailshot from MagManager, you can find replies by looking in Notifications.

Acknowledging, flagging and deleting notifications

You can ‘acknowledge’ a notification by clicking on the tick icon- this will then show green. When a notification has been acknowledged by a member of your team, the number shown in the notifications box will go down.

You can flag a notification by clicking on the black flag icon- this will then show red. You can permanently delete a notification by clicking on the trash icon- you will be prompted to confirm your decision.

Archiving notifications

Click the tick (check) boxes corresponding to the notifications you wish to archive, and then click on the red “Archive (5) Notifications” button at the top right of the screen. You will be prompted to confirm.

To see notifications that have been archived, switch on the “Show Archived” toggle at the top right of the screen.

TIP: If you want to archive large numbers of notifications, change the number of “records per page” to 50 or 100 so you can see more at once. Then tick (check) the box at the head of the column.


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