Financial Reports

For more information about how to use the MagManager reports and downloading information, see this article on using MagManager Reports.

General Invoice Report

The report entitled "Invoice Report" provides a list of all invoices raised in the period you select, the due date and balance due.

Aged Debt reports

The aged debt reports are found in the Financial section of the reports. They enable you to check your aged debt position, who owes it and how overdue the payments are.

The first aged debt report allows you to select your publications individually, whereas the All Aged Debt Aged Debt report includes all publications and miscellaneous bookings.

Each report contains columns for the age of the debt in days. If a column is not showing, it means that there is no debt corresponding to that time period. 

TIP:  The total debt owed and the total amount in each period can be seen at the end of the report. If your report is long, click on the last page button (a right arrow and vertical line).


VAT Cash Accounting Report

Select the start date and date for your accounting period and this report lets you see all payments made against invoices during that period. The report will therefore let you identify the amount of VAT (tax) you collected during that period.

Commission Report

 This report can be used to calculate commission for your sales people. You can set different rates for new or returning business. This report can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet, with each sales person’s data on a different sheet. You can read more about the commissions report here.

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