Direct Debit Clients

Setting a client’s payment method as “Direct Debit”

Go to the client Details tab.

For clients that pay by direct debit, you can select Direct Debit from the Payment Method options. When you do this, two more boxes will appear, allowing the DD Reference and DD amount. These will then be added to the invoice for direct debit clients if you set up your invoice template to include the direct debit line. 


 TIP: It is also useful to set a flag for direct debit customers, so that you can easily find them in searches.  You can find more details on setting up company flags here

Direct Debit report

The report “Direct Debit List” (found in the Financial section of the Reports screen) allows you to print or export a list of any customers who are marked as direct debit and have been invoiced in the month of your choosing.

TIP: if you also set a flag for your Direct Debit clients as described above, you will be able to easily find them on the Clients page. 

Modifying the invoice template for Direct Debit clients. 

Go to Settings > Settings > Internationalise.

Clicking on the Invoice tab of Internationalise allows you to enter custom text to appear on invoices for your direct debit customers (at the bottom).


Next go to Settings > Document Templates, click on System Templates and then click on the Invoice template. On the left, you will see the “tokens”, and the tokens you may want are the “Direct Debit Text” and optionally also the “Direct Debit Ref” tokens.


In the main body of the invoice template, click where you want these tokens to go (for example, above or below the invoicing lines) and then click on the token you want.


Click Save to save the template.

This extra information will only show on the invoice for clients who set up with the “Direct Debit” payment method in MagManager.

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