Linking Stripe with MagManager

1 - Ensure that you have a Stripe account before starting. To set up a Stripe account you will need to go to their website:

1a - If you are connected to Xero - please ensure that your account and inventory codes are synced - on the settings page under the Account heading select Xero - in turn click on sync accounts and sync inventory.


2 - When you have a Stripe account set up, go to your settings in MagManager and select ‘Stripe’. 


Here, you will need to set up your Public (Publishable) and Private (Secret) Keys which can be found on your Stripe Developers Dashboard.

2024-02-13 11 13 58 stripe.png

Next, select the Payment Account from the dropdown (the options here will be pull through from your accounts package).  Next, choose a payment type. E.g. Credit Card, Debit Card. Note: you can only choose one payment method




For Xero users you have the option to choose if you want the payments to be transferred automatically to your Xero account or not.  If you do not want payments transferred then you would next to check the box 'Don't Transfer Payments to Xero'


2a. For Kashflow users ONLY - go to your settings in MagManager > under accounts select Kashflow > Select Sync Bank Accounts.


3 - Still in MagManager settings > under accounts select Payment Methods and make sure the payment type selected is ‘Enabled’.  If you are a Kashflow user follow the additional step below.



3a. If you are a Kashlow user ONLY -  you will need click to open up the payment method you chose previously and under Kashflow select your Kashflow payment method from the dropdown menu & save.



4 - Next, to set up your Payment link on your invoicing email go to your Settings and select Document Templates. You can set up a payment link on both the Invoice Email (email document) and Invoice (standard document).  Click on your Invoice Email template. On the left you will see in your tokens one that says ‘Invoicing’. Select this, then select ‘Payment Link’. This will input a pay now button to all of your invoicing emails. Repeat this for your Invoice template (standard document).




5 - Then, on your Stripe Email document (for this to appear, you may now need to log out and log back in to refresh your account) and enter a payment received message for your clients


6 - To test the link is working correctly.  Create a Test Client, add a booking for £1.01 (it must be more than £1), create and invoice and email it to yourself.  Enter your payment details.

7 - When the payment has completed the client will also receive a payment receipt from Stripe that looks similar to this:

8 - Once a client has paid via the link on the invoice, a notification will arrive in MagManager confirming payment has been made and an entry will appear on the client timeline.  Only admin users will see the notification entry.  All users with access to the timeline will see the entry on the timeline.




Why is the payment button not appearing on an email invoice?

- Check the client details page.  If the payment method is set as Direct Debit the payment button will not appear.

- Check the invoice amount.  If you've set a a test invoice and the amount is £1 + VAT or less the payment button will not appear as Stripe will not process payments of less than £1.

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