Master Page Templates

You can now create as many ‘Master Pages’ as you like for your publications.  Master Pages are useful if you need to have different coloured header banners, edges or footer colours for different sections of your publications or a header and info box for your index page. 

Simply create a .pdf of a blank page that contains your headers and footers and have it ready to upload.


1 Creating & Uploading a Master Template

To set up a master page template, first click the Gear Icon in the top right of the screen > Under the Publications & Bookings heading - select Page Layouts > Click the ‘Master Pages’ tab > 

(If you need to download a blank template you can do this by select the page size from the drop down box to the right, below New Master Page.)

Annotation_2020-09-01_173411_download_master.pngNext, select ‘New Master Page’ in the top right > This opens the ‘Manage Master Page’ where you can set up and upload your master page.


Enter the name for your master page into the name field e.g. ‘Index Master’. 
Enter a description into the description field e.g. ‘Contains index background for XYZ Mag’ 
Ensure you click the Enabled check box, so the blue tick appears – if you fail to do this, the master page won’t be available to use at a later stage.  
Drag the artwork file for your index master template onto the page or click to upload the file, then click ‘Save’. 

In the screenshot above, we have uploaded our directory of advertiser’s layout as it appears in our magazine and named it ‘Index Master’.

Remember you will need to create two templates, one for a left hand page and one for a right hand page if the artwork is specific to a right or left hand page.


2 Applying a Master Page to Your Magazine

To apply a master page across your whole magazine. Click the Gear Icon in the top right of the screen > Under the Publications & Bookings heading - select Page Layouts > Select the name of your layout - under Left Master Page & Right Master Page select the your master page from the dropdown list > Save.



3 Applying a Master Page Template to an Individual Page in Your Magazine

To apply a master page template to a page in your magazine; Go to the flat-plan > Click on the page number you wish to apply the template to > A pop-up window will display named ‘Layout’.


In this example you need to click on the number 5. 
NOTE: that the layout option will not appear if the page doesn’t have any artwork on it.

Half way down the Layout page you will see 'Left Master Page' & 'Right Master Page'.  From here select the required master template from the drop down menu and click save to update.  This will apply selected master page template to that page of your publication.


2024-05-13 14 05 45 master template.png


Objects on a master page will appear on all pages with that master page applied.

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