Invoice Not Transferring to Xero or Quickbooks

If you have an invoice that's not transferring to Xero or Quickbooks - the chances are it's one of four things:

1 - You have created an add hoc invoice or credit note directly in Xero or Quickbooks which is the same number as the invoice you are trying to transfer

2 - An invoice has been raised for a Miscellaneous item and the item has been set up without a Xero account code being applied to it.

3 - Check to see if you have an invalid email address in the client details tab. This can sometimes show up as an error code 500 in Xero.

4 - Client has paid the invoice via Stripe before you have transferred the invoice from MagManager to Xero

Xero Invoice Transfer Error Messages

QuickBooks Transfer Error Messages

KashFlow Transfer Error Messages

Sage Transfer Error Messages



To Solve No 1:

From the invoicing screen, select the month the invoice was raised and view the 'Invoiced' tab >  UNSELECT all invoices > SELECT the single invoice that has not transferred > Select TRANSFER to QB or Xero >  If there's a problem it will throw up what the error is.   - If the problem is a credit note or invoice in Xero or  Quickbooks with the same number, simply cancel the invoice in MagManager and raise another one.

You can view a log of error message created between MagManager and other integrated apps such as Xero & Quickbooks.  Click on the Gear Icon top right of screen > Under the Settings heading - Select API Logs.  If there has been a problem it will be listed here.


To Solve No 2:

Click the gear icon at the top of the screen > Under the Publications & Bookings heading - select Miscellaneous Sales Items > Click on the item eg Advet Design and add the account code there. 

The account code should match the account code you use in Xero for that sales item.




Also check your 'System Defaults' settings:
Go to Settings by clicking on the gear icon at the top of the screen > Under the Settings heading - select System Defaults.

Make sure the following two items are switched on (green):
- Use Account codes
- Keep Xero Contacts Synced



The next step is to go back to invoicing and select only the effected invoice and transfer it on it's own to Xero.


To solve No 3:

Go to the client details tab and check that you have a valid email address listed as Xero & QuickBooks will not transfer invoices with an invalid email address.  Make sure the email address has a valid ending eg or .com etc - No API error message will appear for these, you will only see the red error unable to transfer invoice acrosss the top of the screen.


To solve No 4:

Go to Xero and create a manual invoice with the same invoice number & mark it as paid.


Xero Invoice Transfer Error Messages

1 - The PhoneNumber field cannot be more than 50 characters long.


Check the phone number field for the client on both the client Details tab and also on the Contacts tab.  It's likely someone has added additional text into one of these fields.  Remove the additional text and save.  Try transfering the invoice again.


2 - Invoice not of valid status for modification


You are trying to transfer an invoice as draft when it has already been transfered and approved in Xero.  Or an invoice with that number has already been created in Xero. 

Search your Xero account for the invoice number.

If the invoice number already exists in the name of another client (ie you raised an invoice directly in Xero) you will need to cancel the invoice in MagManager and raise the invoice again which will generate a new invoice number. The new invoice will then transfer to Xero.


3 - Error code 500 

Error code 500 is a Xero issue - if you view their help it recommends clearing your cookies and cache:

Also try disconnecting MagManager from Xero and then reconnecting.


4. Connected to null

When opening the invoicing screen the message across the top flashes across 'Connected to null'.  This indicates you are not connected to your Xero account.  Meaning you won't be able to transfer invoice from MagManager to Xero.

Check there has been no changes to the user name and password on the Xero account.  Next open the MagManager settings page > Under Account > Select  Xero - try disconnecting and reconnecting. 


Open any old invoice and click on the blue View in Xero button.  If you see the 'Sorry, something went wrong' screen, check the Error code at the botton if it says 500, this is a Xero issue and you need to follow their instructions above at No3 for error code 500.


As this is likely a local issue on your computer, to isolate the issue we recommend you have another Xero user on your MagManager account try transferring an invoice using their computer and login.  If that works then try your logins on another device to see if that works. 


5 - You have reached the limit of invoices you can approve


You have signed up for the Xero starter package and you have a capped allowance of 20 invoices you are allowed to send out per month. (For example invoices from MagManager to Xero) Once you have hit your limit for the month you will receive this error message - 'You have reached the limit of invoices you can approve.' You need to upgrade your Xero package to solve this.


6- Website Must Be Valid


This error is returned if the Customer Record in Xero has a non-valid Website. 

New validation has been added to the Customer Contact which could allow a invalid URL (previously saved) to stop a record from being created with this record.

To correct this error, find the customer contact in Xero for the invoice which is erroring. You will note that the website is not valid.


Correct the website in Xero by either removing or updating the record > Click Save. The record will now sync without further error.  Return to MagManger and Transfer the Invoice to Xero.


7- Account code '200' has been archived, or has been deleted. Each line item must reference a valid account.

Account code 200 is the default Sale Account code in Xero - check your chart of accounts in Xero for this account. 

This error normally occurs when your Xero account is set up with account codes different to the Xero default. When no account codes are specified in MagManager, Xero expects to put the sales into account 200.  When that account doesn't exist you get this error message.

If you use a different Account code in Xero - Go to the publication settings in MagMangager > Select the Defaults tab > Check that the correct Account Code is being used > Save any changes.

Also if the item on the invoice is a Miscellaneous Sales Item, check that an account code has been set up correctly, it must include an Account Code which you select from the dropdown box. (The options in the dropdown box are the accounts codes from your Xero account.)

Screenshot 2024-03-07 105915.jpg


QuickBooks Transfer Error Messages

1 - Failed to create Invoice: 0000002 for client XYZ - Validation Exception was thrown.Details:Business Validation Error: Make sure all your transactions have a VAT rate before you save..


Will usually appear on a new installation of QuickBooks.  You need to create a dummy invoice in QuickBooks first before transferring an invoice from MagManager.   Also check that you have Synced the tax rates - see

Contact MagManager Support to have them update the next invoice number before transferring an invoice.  Invoices will then transfer from MagManager to QuickBooks as normal.


For an existing user check the Company Details Tax Rate field is set to the correct 20% Rate and not 0%/


2 - Failed to Add Customer : XYZ - Validation Exception was thrown. Details The name supplied already exists : null


First check that you clients are reconciled correctly.  System Settings > Under Accounts > Select QuickBooks > Select Reconcile Customers > search for the client by name.

If the client does not show in the left hand QuickBooks side of the screen, this indicates it doesn't exist in QuickBooks.  You need to check your QuickBooks account to see if the client has been set to inactive - you may need to contact QuickBooks support for this.

Also check the setup of the client in QuickBooks if they are already set up as a payee/supplier it won't work as they already exist, using a slightly different name will resolve it. (EG XYZ Ltd change it in MagManager to XYZ Limited)

Less likely but we have seen this happen:

Check the name of the client on the QuickBooks Side and the MagManager side closely.  If you have another client in MagManager with a similar name eg 'XYZ Ltd (North)' and 'XYZ Ltd' you may find that you have reconciled the wrong clients with each other.  Eg if you have reconciled XYZ Ltd in QuickBooks with XYZ Ltd (North) in MagManager it won't be possible to change this.  You'll need to add an extension to XYZ Ltd in MagManager ie XYZ Ltd (South) in order for a new client to be created in QuickBooks.

Also, search for the client name on the MagManager Clients screen > If you have multiple clients with the same name then it's likely one of them is reconciled with the client in Quickbooks and it may be the wrong one.  To resolve this add a character to the end of the client name in MagManager then check the QuickBooks Reconcile Customers page to identify which client is reconciled with the client in QuickBooks.  You would need to check before changing which client is reconciled incase previous invoices have been transferred over.  As there can only be a 1 to 1 relationship between the client in MagManager and the client in QuickBooks.

See section 5 in these notes for more details on reconcile customers -


3 - Failed to Add Customer : XYZ - Validation Exception was thrown.  Details:String length specified does not match the supported length. Min:0 Max:30 supported. Supplied Length:xx.


Check the client details tab, in this example there was too much data in the telephone field
eg 01777 465877 X 3 Office Kathy or Elizabeth - which is longer than the permitted 30 characters permitted by QuickBooks.  Edit the data to just the phone number.

It's also possible that the telphone number looks fine but if it was pasted into MagManager with spaces after the number, they can't be seen.  If the supplied length in the error message displays 40.  Go to the client details tab and click the delete button 10 times to ensure there are no spaces after the phone number.  Doing this will bring the supported length back down to a maximum on 30.


4 - Unable to transfer invoices

This error message will appear on the invoicing screen.  



Check the API logs - System Settings > Settings > API Logs

In this scenario it's likely that no error messages are appearing in regards to the transfer of invoices and it will only show a sucessful login to QuickBooks.

We have identified the issue being with the QuickBooks set up, where no Preferred Invoice Terms were set.


Go to your QuickBooks account > Click Settings > Click Account and Settings.



Click Sales > Click the Edit Icon to the far right of the Sales form content section > In this scenario the Preferred Invoice Terms field was blank - so click the dropdown box and choose your terms > Click save.


The issue should now be resolved and you should be able to transfer invoices from MagManager to QuickBooks.


OTHER Reasons an invoice may not transfer as expected

QuickBooks - Invoice transfer issues if the client has been wrongly reconciled to another client

If the MagManager API shows the invoice as having been created in Quickbooks


but you can't see it on the client record in Quickbooks. 

First run a check for the invoice number in QuickBooks to see if it's allocated to a client with a different name, if that's the case you need to check that the customer has been correctly reconciled between QuickBooks & MagManager.

The example belows show that the client Red Lion is reconciled with the client named RVC in MagManager.  The result is that any invoiced raised for RVC in MagManager will be transferred to the Red Lion account in QuickBooks.



KashFlow Transfer Error Messages

 1 - Failed to insert invoice: XXXXX - An error occurred while inserting invoice. Please check that the transaction lock is not enabled on the account.

Refer to the link below as if transaction locking is enabled you won't be able to edit any invoices, receipts or payments on or before the transaction locking date

In Kashflow go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Tick the box for Transaction Locking > Enter in the date to lock transactions up to > Click Update.


2 - Failed to insert invoice: XXXXX - Execution Timeout Expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding


This is a timeout error on the Kashflow API, probably their server was too busy to handle the request.


Try transferring the invoice again > Go back to the API Logs and search for the invoice number > If sucessful it should look like this showing Invoice Created: xxxxx in the Result column.



3 - Failed to insert customer: XXX s Error: String or binary data would be truncated. A valid Contact list must contain one and only one primary Contact The statement has been terminated.


Kashflow fails to add a new client.  The API reports an issue with the data and it being truncated.

Check the fields on the client record.  The problem in this example was the website address contained 195 characters - more than the Kashflow API allows.


The website field needed to be updated to -


4 - Failed to insert invoice: XXXXX - No customer code provided Parameter name: customerCode


This is a KashFlow API issue. It resolved itself the next day and the invoices were transferred over successfully.


Sage Transfer Error Messages

1 - Is too long (Maximum is 25 characters)

This is an issue with the data in the purchase order number field being too long.  Maximum length Sage's API will allow for the purchase order field is 25 characters.

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