Auto-Publish Page Sizes & Set Up

Set up your advert Sizes

The Page Layouts define the size of the page and the gaps between artwork, they work in combination with the size of the adverts to ensure they fit on the page. They may not match the artwork sizes that you ask your customers to supply, but the software will automatically resize artwork to fit the content on the page. 

Go to Settings by clicking the gear icon – top right of screen > Under the Settings heading click ‘Internationalise’ > Click the ‘Content’ tab. 

This is where you set up your advert sizes. See screenshot of adverts set up for an A5 publication. Please let us know if your publication is not A5.

If your publication is A5, do not change the custom sizes here. If you are using A5 and these sizes do not match your current artwork sizes, don’t worry, as MagManager will automatically adjust them.




Worked example of how page layouts and advert sizes combine

Using the default 16 Grid page layout, together with the default advert sizes above The following illustrates how they interact together (Blue figures are setup in page layouts, Red figures are the Advert sizes set up in Internationalsie) this example is based on the default 16-grid layout for an A5 Publication:




When considering modifying either advert sizes or layouts, you need to consider that no matter what combination of adverts you use on a page, they need to add up to the same width and height including the horizontal/vertical spacing. 

TIP: In the example above the adverts together with the gaps and margins always add up to the width and height of the page.

If we look at the top of the page, the inside and outside margins are 8mm and the half page advert is 132mm wide. The total page width is 8+132+8 = 148mm the exact width of A5.

Looking at the bottom of the page where we have a combination of advert sizes, the margins are still the same, but there are horizontal gaps and different advert sizes. The total width is 8mm (margin), 64mm (1/4page), 4mm (gap), 30mm (1/16page), 4mm (gap), 30mm (1/32nd page), 8mm (margin). OR 8+64+4+30+4+30+8 = 148mm the exact width of A5. 

If we had incorrectly sized any of the adverts, we would have ended up with staggered gaps and a really untidy page.

The same applies Vertically on a page, and if you perform the same exercise vertically on the above example you will find that the combination of margins, gaps and adverts will always add up to 210mm.

It is possible to create page layouts that deal with specific circumstances, for example if you have a particular part of your publication where you always have 4 quarter pages, you could choose to have tighter margins, but slightly larger gaps between them and call that layout ‘Tight Margins Quarters’. This could then be applied to those pages in your publication that require that layout.

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