Issue Themes


You may wish to have a special theme (or more than one) for a particular issue. Examples might include "Christmas", "Weddings" or "Education".

Setting up themes in MagManager helps you to plan. It also helps with your renewals, as MagManager can identify your clients who booked last time you ran the same theme.

1. Setting up issue themes

Go to Settings > Publications & Bookings > Issue Themes

Click the green "Add Theme" button to create a new theme. Click Save.

2. Assigning a theme to an issue

Go to Settings > Publications, and choose one of your publications.

For each issue, you will be able to add themes. To do this, click on the edit icon, and select one or more of the themes from the list (you need to set up the themes first- see above). Then click on the save icon.

TIP: You could search for all December issues and set all of them, past and future, with the issue theme "Christmas". This will help with your Christmas renewals.

3. Using issue themes in renewals

You can search for renewal bookings based on the issue theme.

On the Renewals screen, when you have a list of potential renewals, put "themed" in the search bar. This will locate renewals which are "Booked in Previous Themed issue, NOT in this issue"

NOTE: You can only search for renewals by issue theme if the issue theme has been used before now. 

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