Duplicating a Flat Plan / Place Adverts Function

If you wish to start the flatplan for a new issue by duplicating the flatplan from the previous issue, MagManager lets you do this using the place adverts function. Any adverts booked into the previous issue will be placed onto the same page if available in the new issue.

  1. Go to Publications, and select the publication you wish to create a new flat-plan for.
  2. Click on Place Adverts

MagManager will work out the best match to replicate, to go ahead click Place Adverts.

NOTE: For this to work, your new flat-plan must have the same number of pages previous issue. If it doesn’t, MagManager will prompt you to add or remove pages.


Note: For adverts the  'Company Name' field will carry over the text as it appeared in the previous issue when using the place adverts function.  So be aware that you may need to edit this particularly if it was edited in the previous issue.


Workaround: if current issue has more pages than the previous one

Example: You are working on your current issue for February which has 48 pages and you want to copy the previous issue from January issue which had 32 pages.  MagManager won't allow you to duplicate it because the page count does not match.

  1. Remove any existing ads from the current flat plan (just drag them to the left hand margin, and they will slot into the right places). The locked adverts (that have been assigned to a premium content page) won't move. 
  2. Delete the extra pages from the current issue to reduce the page count from 48 to 32.  
  3. When only the locked adverts are in place, you will be able to go back to the Flat plan Overview screen, and click on Place Adverts to duplicate the advert placement from the previous month.
  4. Finally add back in the extra pages into the current issue to increase the page count from 48 to 32



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