Setting up a New Client

NOTE: If you wish to batch import a large number of clients to MagManager, we have a template for this. Get in touch for us for more information.

1. To add a new client, click on Clients in the main navigation at the top of the screen.

2. Click on the green "New Client" button in the top-right corner.

3. Fill in your company details, and then click the Create button.

The required fields are: Address (first line), Postcode, Forename and Surname. If you don't have details for these fields, enter "." or something else.

See also: More information on the Client Details tab.

4. Adding notes on your client

When you have created a new client, you will be taken to the client screen for that client.

Click on the Notes tab if you wish to add any notes about your client. You can read more about Notes here.

5. Adding additional contact names and details

By default, the contact details you enter when you set up a new client will be the "Primary Contact" for that client.

To modify the primary contact details, select the client from the Client screen and click on the Details tab. 

To add other contacts to a client, select a client from the Client screen and then click on the Contacts tab.

Click on the green New Contact button, and you will see the Manage Contact dialogue box.

Fill in the fields for the new contact, and select the relevant boxes if you want this contact to be set as any of the following:

  • Primary Contact - used for everything unless you have other contacts set up
  • Accounts Contact - this is the contact that will be used by default for invoices
  • Artwork Contact - this contact will be used by default for artwork
  • Bookings Contact - this contact will be used by default for bookings


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