How to Set up Default Pricing



Setting publication defaults: advert sizes and default prices/rate card

Default Pricing can be viewed by clicking on the Gear icon, top-right of the screen in MagManager > under Publications & Bookings > click on Publications > click on the publication name > select the Defaults tab.

You can set defaults for the publication such as the sales target and default price for various advert sizes.

This is also the place to set up which advert sizes are available to you in MagManager (the sizes you select will be available for both adverts and content).

MagManager has a large number of advert sizes available, and you can use the switches to enable the ones you want. When you hover over the switch buttons, you will see a representation of how this advert size looks on a page.



Updating default prices will NOT affect the price of bookings that have already been made.  If you need to change the prices of existing bookings you would need to do this manually.  

Also worth remembering is that when an existing client rebooks, MagManager remembers the price of the last booking, so always check in case the price needs to be updated.

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