How to Add or Remove Pages - Change Pagination

See our video on how to add or remove pages from your flat plan


From the flatplan overview page > Select add/remove pages > To remove pages simply select the two page spread on the flatplan, then drag it from the flat plan into the bin icon on the right hand side you will see that your Center pages move automatically when you remove the pages > Repeat for the number of pages you need to remove.

To add pages click to select the 'New' double page spread icon from the right hand side and drag and drop it onto the flatplan > Repeat for the number of pages you need to add..

Click Save Changes to finish.


Note: if you are removing or adding multiple pages, doing so from either side of the centre pages, will keep the centre pages in place.  Useful if you already have artwork placed there and it's important that they are on the centre pages.

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