Managing notes for a client

Notes Tab on Client Record

Select your client, and click on the Notes tab. Here you will see a record of any previous notes.

To add a new note, click on the green New Note button to the top right. Type into the box that appears, then click Save. 

You can upload a pdf, image or Word file to the note.

To edit a note, click on the small edit icon that appears to the right of the note in the list.

NOTE: If you want to download a list of recently created notes, go to Reports and select "Recent Customer Notes" in the Customers section.


"Post-it" style notes

From any point on the individual client screen, you can create a "post it' note as a visible reminder to yourself and your team. This note will remain visible until you remove it.


Post-it notes are not a permanment record, once deleted the action cannot be undone.  For a permanet record use Notes instead.

To create a post-it note click on the small black note icon to the top-right of the screen to create a new note.  

To increase the size or change the shape of the post-it note, hover over the right edge or bottom edge and drag to the required size.

To minimise a note click the dots icon top left of the note. This moves it to the bottom of the screen.

Notes created by another user will appear blue with their name at the bottom.


To delete a note, click the 'x' icon top right of the note and click delete to confirm.


Note: Non admin users on the account, cannot move or edit notes created by other users


Flatplan notes

Clicking the small note icon on the top navigaton bar next to the Find box at the top of the flat plan screen will give you an area for creating notes. You can move the notes around to a convenient position as you work or click the X in the top right corner to remove the box. If you click on the note icon again, the note box will reappear.


If a note has been created the note icon will flash pink when you open up a flatplan.



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