Sections and Categories

In MagManager, assigning Sections to your clients allows you to classify the type of business or organisation your clients belong to. It is also possible to set up Categories as sub-divisions of Sections. Setting up sections and categories make it possible to filter clients.


Assigning a section or category to a client

On the Client Details tab, you can assign your client to a “Section” depending on what type of business or organisation they are.

If the selected Section has been sub-divided into Categories, you can also assign one of these categories to the client.

Creating and managing sections

Go to System Settings > Under Publications & Bookings > Select Sections.

You will see a list of the default Sections available, and how many (if any) Categories belong to that section.

Clicking on a section allows you to modify it- you can select the text colour or the background colour you want for the section.

You can add a new section using the green New Section button.

You can remove a section by un-checking the Enabled box.

If you click on the Categories button for a Section (in the Section list), you add new categories or modify existing categories.

Creating and managing categories

In MagManager, categories are sub-divisions within the sections you have set up. You can choose more than one category for your clients. This means that you can list your client in more than one category in your index.

You can set up categories by going to System Settings > Under Publications & Bookings > Select Sections. Here you will see the sections you have set up. The blue Categories button indicates how many categories are set up for each section, and by clicking this you can add or remove categories.


In this example, the section “Charities” has been selected. Doing this brings up a choice of Categories, and you can choose both a Main Category and Other Categories.



 To see how this could be used in an index, go to Reports and in the Indices section, click on “Advertisers Index Grouped by Category and Sub-category”. The client appears three times corresponding to each sub-category.


Colour coding sections

Each Section can be assigned a colour, which can optionally be used in the flat-plan to let you quickly locate the bookings in that section. 

Go to System Settings > Under Publications & Bookings > Select Sections and click on the name of the section you want to assign a colour. Click on the box under "background colour" and use the colour-picker tool to select the colour you want. If you are using a dark colour, you can also change the text colour to white.


You can read more about  Using Sections in the Flat Plan here


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