Creating a New Booking

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1. Bookings are always set up on a client, so start by selecting the client you want. Go to the Client screen, search for the client.

2. On the Client Bookings tab, you will see the publications and issues you have set up.

3. Select the issues you want where it says “Click to book” (you can do several at once).  Then click the green “Complete Booking” button.

4. Click the green “New Advert” button, and select the advert size


5.   Drag each of the artwork boxes you have created down to the relevant issues. 

TIP: If you want the same advert for multiple issues in a publication, drag the advert box onto the purple bar containing the title of the publication until it turns yellow, then release. This will assign the same advert to all the issues in the list. 

6.  If required, you can select a premium position for the advert – this is available for full-page bookings only. Click the dropdown menu where it says ‘no preferred position’ and choose a premium page.

7. You can manually change the cost  of the booking, if needed. The booking cost shown will be picked up from the advert default costs, if you have set them. (Click *here* to find out about setting the default costs)

You can add a discount if you wish, and this will be displayed as a discount on the invoice. 

TIP: If you are booking multiple adverts, you can set the total cost  in the ‘total’ box, which will be split up for individual adverts.  


8. If you use issue themes, you can add details of the theme to a booking.  To do that choose a theme from the dropdown box when adding a new booking.

Note: the theme dropdown box will only appear if a theme has been assigned to the issue you are booking. See notes on Issue Themes for more details. 

Themes- dropdown on booking page.png

9. When you have finished, simply click the blue 'Save Booking' button.  Or to send a booking confirmation email to the client > Click the 'Save and Email/Print' button.

Email print booking.png

10. The client bookings tab now shows a summary of the bookings for that client. Bookings show dark blue by default, and light blue after they have been set on the flat-plan. Bookings allocated to a premium page show yellow.

You can drag to move a booking to a different issue - click on the cross-arrows when you want to do this.

Clicking on the magnifying glass will take you to the booking on the flat-plan, where you can place it to the page you want.



Multiple Bookings

If you have multiple bookings which will use different artwork, you will need to create multiple artwork boxes, one for each artwork.

You can create a duplicate artwork box by clicking on the + symbol at the top right of an existing artwork box. Each artwork box can then be dragged down to the booking it belongs to.



In the following example, there are two bookings in a booking set, one for March and one for April. Our client wants a different advert for each month.

For the first month, March, we clicked on “New Advert” to create the first advert box, and we dragged this down to the March booking.

We can now duplicate the advert box by clicking on the plus sign, and drag down this advert box to the April booking.

To Add multiple bookings for a client in the same issues - Click here to follow the notes.

For more details on adding Purchase Order numbers to a booking - click here to follow the notes.



Booking Content 

To create a Content booking, choose a client and select the Bookings tab, and under that the Content tab.

You can now click on "click to book" for the issues you want, and then click the green "Add Content" button in the top right of the screen.

You will now be prompted to click the green "New Content" button if you don't yet have any content bookings. You can add a content box to an issue in the same way as you would add an advert to an issue (described above).

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