Enabling Renewals for your non admin users

Go to the main settings page > Under Admin > Select Users > Click the user name > At the bottom of the Access list, tick "Manage Renewals".

If you untick  "Manage All Renewals", the user will only be able to see and work with renewals for clients that have been assigned to them.


Using the Renewals Screen


With the MagManager renewals feature you can:

  • Search for potential renewals 
  • Send emails to clients
  • Prioritise your renewals using MagManager's renewals scoring
  • Organise your renewals into "hot lists"
  • Keep track of renewals revenue
  • Identify where revenue has been reduced
  • Create notes and actions directly from the renewals list
  • Defer renewals until a future date

The Renewals screen can be found by clicking on Renewals on the top navigation bar.

NOTE: Some non-admin users will only be able to see the renewals that are assigned to them. See Enabling Renewals for your users above.

2023-12-22 12 44 33 Renewals Screen.png

TIP - Right click on the Company Name to open the client in a new tab. If you wish to update the client record without losing your place on the renewals screen.

The renewals screen has various tabs:

  •       The Search tab is where you start
  •       The All Renewals tab lists renewals that you have selected to work on

From All Renewals you can move your renewals into lists, and these can be found in the other tabs:

  •       The Definitely Out tab
  •       The Carried Forward tab
  •       The ‘+’ tab allows you to add your own lists

You can create your own “hot-lists” to plan your renewals, for example:

  •       Individual lists for each member of your team to work on 
  •       Lists for sections, or features you wish to run, such as 'Education, Health & Fitness etc'
  •       Lists for an email campaign

Selecting your renewals 

1. Initial search

Note: The best time to create your renewals is once the previous issues are fully booked. If you add a booking to a previous issue after creating your renewals it won't be there.


The first tab on the renewals screen is the Search tab. In the sidebar choose the publications and issue you are working on. 

MagManager will generate a list of potential renewals, along with a "reason" and a "score" to help you prioritise. For example, a score of 19 means that the client was booked in the last issue but is not in this issue and doesn’t have any future bookings. A lower score of 16 means the client was in 2 issues ago.

Click the funnel icon on the score column for a key to all the scores. Also see: How do the "scores" and “reasons” work?

2023-12-22 12 10 33 Renewals Overview.png

Click on the following fields to show more details of the clients and bookings:

 Company Name -  To open the Client's booking page.  This allows you to add bookings very quickly

 Magnifying Glass - Displays details of previous bookings, and the reason MagManager has identified this client as a potential renewal.

Header sort icons (up/down arrows) - sorts the order of each column

Search box - Helps locate renewals. For example, if some of your clients are assigned to your colleague Suzy Mills, then entering this name in the search box will find all her renewals.

The Opportunity column tells you how much the renewal is potentially worth. The Total at the bottom will change as you filter out scores, so you can see the value of just those who were "Booked in last issue, Not in this issue" for example.

2. Select the renewals to work on

Use the tick boxes on the left of the Renewals Search tab to select the renewals you want to work on. The green button in the top-right of the screen will let you know how many you have selected. When you click on this button, the selected renewals will be moved off the search list and onto your “All Renewals” list. 

2023-12-22 12 14 20 Renewals Add renewals.png

Example 1: You may choose to select all the renewals coming up on the search to work on. In this case, select all and click on Add (x) renewals.

 Example 2: On the other hand, you may just want to work with specific renewals such as clients that were in the last issue but are not in this issue. If you look at the score column, these have a score of 19 if they have no future bookings, or a score of 18 if they do have bookings in other future issues. In this case you would do the following:

  1. Click at the top of the select column, to unselect (untick) everything.
  2. On the Score column, select ‘19’ from the drop-down list, tick these renewals and click ‘Add Renewals’. This will move them to the ‘All Renewals’ tab.
  3. Return to the Search tab and repeat by selecting ‘18’ from the drop-down list, to also add these to the ‘All Renewals’ list.

3. Setting up renewal lists

Clicking All Renewals tab shows a list of the renewals you selected from the Search screen. From here they can be organised into your “hot lists”.

For example, you could have a hot list per salesperson, a hot list for magazine sections or for special features.

Some lists are already set up:

Definitely Out: Move customers to this list if they definitely don't want to book anything. Going forward they will appear in the renewals search tab for booking in the last issue, 2, 3, 6 & 12 issues ago.

Carried Forward: This allows you to make the customer a target for a future issue. MagManager will ask you which issue to target.  Going forward thses clients won't appear in the renewals untill they reach the carried forward issue.  If they don't rebook, you need to continue to carry them forward.

Note: Renewal reminders will drop off after 12 months, in order to keeps clients showing up you need to carry them forward to a future issue.

To create a new list, click on the “+” tab, and enter the name for your list.  


Ticking the 'Show Booked and Zero Values By Default' will ensure any previous booking with a zero value will show up by default (they are coloured yellow).  Instead of having to toggle the 'Current Amount' switch to display them.

2023-12-22 13 25 31 reneals zero value booking.png

4. Moving renewals to a different list

Moving individual renewal items:

The List column (found on the All Renewals and the other list tabs) allows you to select which list you want to move a renewal to. Choose a list from the drop-down menu and it will appear in that list straight away. When you select 'Carried Forward' you'll be given the option to select which issue you want to carry it forward to.

2023-12-22 13 21 15 Renewals add to list.png

Bulk moving several renewal items:

You can also select several clients at once, by clicking the checkbox, then click the green button in the top right of the screen: ‘Move (3) renewals’. You then select the list from the drop-down menu.

2023-12-22 13 28 01Renewals Bulk move list.png


5. Adding Notes or Actions

You can add notes directly from the All Renewals tab and your custom list tabs, simply by clicking on the note icon.

Similarly, you can create an action by clicking on the action icon (the progress bars icon).

These notes and actions will also appear on the client record under the relevant notes or actions tab.

2023-12-22 13 35 02 renewals actions and notes.png

6. How much revenue?

Once you make a booking for any client on the renewals list, they will disappear from that list.

If you press the little slider at the top of the Current Amount column, bookings you have made will reappear on the list, with colour coding.

  •        Green: The renewal has been booked for the same or greater revenue than last time
  •        Pink: The renewal has been booked for a lower amount than last time, so you may still wish to target it.
  •        Yellow: items are bookings with a zero original value. This is useful for adding community content to renewals.
  •        Light Pink: there are extended opportunities- click the magnifying glass and you will see more details
  •        Light Yellow: Items have been carried forward from a previous issue

2023-12-22 13 46 28 Rewnals Current Amount.png

7. Using Renewals with Issue Themes

You can search for renewal bookings based on the issue theme. First, you need to set up issue themes:

Go to System Settings > Under Publications & Bookings > Click Issue Themes.

Click the green "Add Theme" button to create a new theme. Click Save.

Go to System Settings > Under Publications & Bookings > Click Publications > Select one of your publications.

For each issue, you will be able to add themes. To do this, click on the edit icon, and select one or more of the themes from the list (you need to set up the themes first- see above). Then click on the save icon.

TIP: You could search for all December issues and set all of them, past and future, with the issue theme "Christmas". This will help with your Christmas renewals.

On the Renewals screen, when you have a list of potential renewals, put "themed" in the search bar. This will locate renewals which are "Booked in Previous Themed issue, NOT in this issue"

NOTE: You can only search for renewals by issue theme if the issue theme has been previously set up.


Finding out more about renewals...

How do the "scores" and “reasons” work?

If you click on the magnifying glass next to a client, you will see details of previous bookings, and the reason MagManager has identified this as a potential renewal.   

2023-12-22 14 26 51 renewals magnifying glass.png

For example: 

  •        Your booking revenue for this client is less this time than before
  •        Booked in last issue but NOT this issue- Has future bookings
  •        Booked in 3 issues ago, NOT in this issue - Has no future bookings
  •        Booked in a previous themed issue with the same “feature” (e.g., weddings) but not in this issue.

Each renewal has a score to help you prioritise your bookings. You can find these by going to the main settings page > Under Publications & Bookings > Select Renewal Scores.

NOTE: Your numbers may differ from those below, depending on your set up.

You can refine your data search by score, to do that select the score number from the Score Dropdown box or you can reoder the list by clicking on the up/down arrow in the header columms.

2023-12-22 14 33 11 Renewals Score dropdown.png

The Total score figure may appear higher than the Score figure, this will happen if the client had 2 or more adverts in one issue or they advertise is multiple publications. 

In the image below this renewal has been given a score of 7, Booked in 6 issues ago, NOT in this issue - No future bookings, based on the full page booking in Autumn Leaves May/June 2002.  An extended opportunity has also been identified with a score of 5, Booked in 12 issues ago, NOT in this issue - No future bookings based on the full page booking in Indigo May 2022.  Together they give a total score of 12.   This information helps you prioritise the clients you want to target for renewals.



Sending Emails from the Renewals Screen

From the All Renewals tab or the tabs of other lists you have created > Select the clients you want to email by checking the tick box in the first column > Then click the 'Email XX renewals' purple coloured button top left of screen. 

2023-12-22 14 41 50 email renewals.png

This will bring up the 'Choose a template' dropdown box, where you can select an existing email template or create a new one.  You can find out more information on setting up Document Templates here.


You can edit the email to suit your requirements - then click 'Preview and Send'

This brings up the 'Preview Email' screen.  From here you can make any individual adjustments to the email before sending it out.

You have a choice of 3 options to send the emails:

Send All Email (blue button) - sends all the emails in one go.

Skip and Next Email (yellow button) - skips the current email without sending it and moves onto the next one ready to review.

Send and Next Email (green button) - sends the current email and skips to the next one ready to review


Removing Clients From The All Renewals Tab

To remove clients from the 'All Renewals' tab > Check the boxes of the clients to be removed > Click the red 'Remove XX renewals' button > Clients will revert back to the 'Search' tab, unless they have already book into this issue, in which case they will no longer appear on the 'Search' tab, as they have already renewed.

2023-12-22 14 41 50 remove renewals.png

WARNING: Avoid removing any carried forward clients.  If they are removed they will only appear on the 'Search' tab of the current renewals, if the reason is one that would normally make them appear there.  eg, booked in last issue, 2, 3, 6 or 12 issues ago and, it will revert to that reason. They will no longer be 'Marked as carried forward'. 

If the reason is outside one of those eg they were booked in 4 or 8 months ago, you will need to go back to the 'All Renewals' tab of the issue they were carried forward from to find them and reset the carried forward status from there.

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