Managing Artwork

The client artwork tab

You can manage all the artwork for a client by going to the client Artwork tab. Here you can see all the artwork that has been uploaded for a client. Each artwork box lists the publication and issue(s) in which this artwork appears, with the page number if it has been set on the flat-plan.

When you have a new booking which will use new artwork, you will have an empty artwork box. 

NOTE: If you have set up your bookings correctly, you will have an 'advert box' for each time you use new artwork- see below.

The advert details screen

Uploading artwork elements: word document & images

Clicking on an advert box brings up the advert details screen. Here you can upload artwork, add notes, set the artwork status, assign the advert to someone, and set a due date. 


Uploading artwork - completed artwork

To upload artwork for a new booking, click the 'Upload Artwork' button, or drag the file onto the pink box. Artwork that you upload can then be viewed on the flat-plan and will be stored in MagManager.

There is a maximum file size limit of 30Mb for each file you upload.


If artwork has already been uploaded the ‘Upload Artwork’ & ‘Clear Artwork’ buttons will be greyed out, if the current artwork is associated with a publication that has been marked complete.  Should you need to update the artwork, you will need to open the booking and add a new advert to the booking line.  This will create a new artwork space, where the new artwork can be uploaded.

TIP: To see if a publication has been marked complete, go to Publications on the top navigation bar, select the issue you want and look at the Complete column on the right. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have artwork assigned to more than one booking, then changing the artwork details will affect all the bookings that have that artwork. Looking at the 'Used In' list in the artwork details box shows you which adverts or content the artwork is linked to.  


Adding notes

Click on the New Note button to add a note. You can either write a memo for your team, or upload an attachment. To download a file that has been uploaded to the notes, click on the paperclip.

Setting the artwork status

Assign an Artwork Status to indicate how close to completion the artwork is by selecting from the drop-down box next to Status. By default a new booking will have an artwork status of 'New', and the background colour of the artwork box will be pink. Other statuses you can select include 'Awaiting customer artwork' or 'Artwork approved'. The colour coding allows you to see at a glance on the flat-plan and elsewhere which artwork is complete (green statuses), which require action from one of your clients (yellow) and which require action from one of your team (pink). See our notes on Artwork Statuses for more information.

Assigning an advert or content to someone

By selecting from the drop-down box next to 'Assigned To', you can assign the advert to one of your users. If you have selected an artwork status that involves your client, you can also assign the advert to your client. You might do this if you want them to supply or approve the artwork - For more information see the section on Using the client portal for clients to supply and check artwork

When you click 'Save' after assigning artwork to a user, you will see an email preview pop up with the subject 'An item in MagManager has been assigned to you'. This picks up the 'Artwork Assigned' email template (Settings > Document Templates > System Documents > Artwork Assigned) and provides a link to the client's artwork where your user can view or upload the artwork.

Set a due date

Choose a date from the calendar to set a due date for the artwork. For clients running multiple pieces of artwork, you can set a different due date on each.

Crop marks & has bleed settings

Tick the boxes for Crop Marks and Has Bleed if this applies to the uploaded artwork – checking these automatically turns off the page footer setting on the flatplan.

Marking artwork inactive

If you have a lot of artwork for one of your clients, you can keep the old ones on the system but out of sight by setting the artwork as 'inactive'. To do this, switch off the 'Active' toggle at the top-right of the artwork details screen.


From the client Artwork tab, you can hide or show inactive artwork by switching the 'Show Inactive' toggle. 


Changing Artwork for a Booking

NOTE: You cannot delete artwork if the artwork has been used in a past issue that has been marked as complete. If you need to change the existing artwork, you need to create a new ‘advert box’ and add it to the booking line as described below.

If one of the bookings in your booking set needs different artwork to the others, or if you want to have a different Status or Date Due for the same advert in different bookings, then you need to create a "New Advert".

 Click on the green “New Advert” button and choose the advert size.


Drag the new advert box down on to the booking line to update it.  

NOTE: if the booking has been invoiced, you'll see a gold padlock.  You will need to click the padlock to unlock if before draging and dropping the new advert box down onto the booking line.




If you are changing the size of the advert you will see a warning letting you know that the advert size will change, and you need to confirm the change of size.



If you are simply replacing the existing advert with a new artwork box of the same size you will see a warning asking if you wish to Replace all the adverts in the booking set or just this one.


Finally save the booking.


Changes after a booking has been invoiced

If a booking has already been invoiced, you will see a lock appear next to it in the booking details list.


At this stage, it is still possible to change some details of the booking, such as the advert artwork and artwork size. To do this, click on the padlock icon, and it will change to an open lock icon. You can now make changes by dragging a new advert box onto the booking line (as described above). Click ‘Save Booking’ when you have finished, and the booking will be locked again.


Once the booking has been invoiced, it is not possible to change the price of the booking or to set it to a premium position unless you first cancel and delete the invoice.




Automatic Email Notification

When the artwork is changed on an existing booking, MagManager automatically sends an email to the user who the artwork is assigned to (unless it is changed this will be the user assigned to the client):


An item in MagManager has been assigned to you by Mandy 

Hi Anne,

This is just a quick email to let you know that an item has been assigned to you in MagManager. The details are shown below :

Item Description : Quarter Page for Newnham Crafts 
Notes about item :   
You can get straight to the item by clinking this link :



Note: If you prefer not to receive these emails you should open the artwork box and change the Assigned To field to Unassigned before saving the booking. 

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