Changing a Booking

First find the booking you want to change - one way to do this is to find the client and look at the client Booking tab. Click on the booking you want to change.



Changing the Booking Details

If a booking has not yet been invoiced, you can change the issue it appears in, the price or the premium position of the booking in your publication.

Once the booking has been invoiced, these details cannot be changed unless you cancel and delete the invoice.


Changing the Size of an Advert or Content - single issue

If you want to change the size of an advert, click on the green 'New Advert' button and choose a new advert size.

2023-08-25 16 42 16 booking change advert size.png

Drag & drop the new advert box down onto the existing booking line to update it. You will see a warning letting you know that the advert size will change. 

Click change size to confirm. the change & Save Booking.

If you have default prices set up, the price will be updated for the new size. You can then modify the price if needed.

Changing the Size of an Advert or Content - all issues in a publication

To change the advert across all booking lines for a publication drag & drop the new artwork box onto the purple header with the publication name, it will turn yellow, and all booking lines will be updated, click save booking to confirm and update the booking.

2023-08-25 17 02 33 Booking change advert size of all issues.png

Note: Pay attention to the update alert especially if any booking lines had preferred position set, as they will be reset to 'No preferred position'.

Changing the Advert or Content Details

Details for artwork assigned to an Advert or Content can be found by clicking on the artwork boxes. These are found on the Artwork tab for a client, and can also be seen when you click on a booking. Here you can modify artwork, add notes to be used for the advert or content, change the artwork status or change other settings as described in  managing the artwork

NOTE: These details can be changed provided the advert is not associated with a publication that has been marked complete. (To see if a publication has been marked complete, go to Publications, select the issue you want and look at the Complete column on the right).

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have artwork assigned to more than one booking, then changing the artwork details will affect all the bookings the artwork is assigned to. Looking at the "Used In" list in the artwork details box shows you which adverts or content bookings the artwork is linked to. 

If you want to have different artwork details (such as due date) for different bookings, then you need to create a New Advert as described in "Changing the Size of an Advert or Content" above.

Screenshot 2023-08-25 165217 Artwork Details.jpg



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