Using the Dymo label printer

If you have a Dymo label printer installed, you can use it to print address labels directly from MagManager.

To set this up, go to Settings and then System defaults, and switch on “Use Dymo Printer” toggle. 

(Supported label size is 28mm x 89mm by default - if you wish to use 36mm x 89mm switch on the "Use 36mmx 89mm Dymo Labels" toggle switch in system defaults).


You will now see the blue Dymo button on the client Details tab.

It is also possible to print a batch of addresses using the Dymo printer from the Client screen or the Invoicing screen. Click on the print icon at the top-right of the screen and select Dymo labels.



Troubleshooting using the Dymo printer with MagManager

1. Ensure you have the latest Dymo software installed on your system. - Note Dymo Connect will not work with MagManager as it does not include the Dymo Web Label Service.

2. You should have a small Dymo icon in the task bar so you can print from web apps like MagManager. Hover over it an it will display DYMO Label Web Service


 Click the icon> Select Diagnose from the drop-down menu to check you are set up correctly.  The following message will appear in your broswer, it it's set up correctly.

3. You can use this Dymo test to check you can print from a browser.

4. July 2018: MagManager has updated the Dymo print software: To make sure this works for you, clear the cache by doing a "hard refresh"- on a Mac hold down the shift key while you click on the refresh button. On a PC, the short-cut is ctrl + shift + F5.

5. 2020: Reports of MagManager not printing for Windows 7 users.  Bear in mind that Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 in January 2020 - they no longer provide security updates to this operating system and recommend you update it. 

The problem is that Dymo is pointing users to the wrong download page on their site. If you downloaded their most recent driver Dymo Connect, it doesn't include the Dymo Web Label service needed for listing applications to talk to your Dymo through the web browser.  Which is essential for MagManager to work.

The first step is to check if you can print from a browser - you can do this here:

If it's working you should see your Dymo printer in the drop down box under Printer, Type some text into the text box and press print.Screenshot_2020-09-24_164143_Dymo.png

If your Dymo printer is NOT displayed in the drop down box, then you do not have Dymo Web Label Service installed on your computer and you won't be able to print from MagManager.

By following the instructions on the website link below, we got Dymo working with MagManager using Internet Explorer then adding in the Fix Chrome Certificate got it working with chrome. This was on an old laptop running Windows 7.

A print version of the step on the Accelerlist website - Dymo Printer & Chrome Browser troubleshooting.pdf can be found at the bottom of the page. 


6. Windows 10 Users

UPDATE April 2021 - After the Window 10 update broke Dymo's driver back in March Dymo have finally released a new driver that works with Windows 10 and includes Dymo Web Label Service which is essential for Dymo to work with MagManager and other web based services.

You can download driver DLS8Setup8.7.4 below:


As previously mentioned if you've recently download the Dymo Connect driver, it doesn't include the Dymo Web Label service which is essential for MagManager to work.

You need to uninstall Dymo Connect from your computer.
Then you'll need to install the Dymo driver for Windows 10 - DLS8Setpup.8.7.4 which you can download from the shared files section of MagManager.

Click on the icon to the left of the client search field.


Scroll down to the printing heading and select 'DSL8Setup8.7.4.exe file > Click to download it to your computer and install the new driver.


That will allow you to print Dymo labels from the Client Details tab. 


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