The MagManager Dashboard

When you log in to MagManager, you arrive at the Home screen or Dashboard. This gives you an overview of content and revenue for the current issue of your publication(s).


The Issue Filter

Clicking on the menu icon (3 horizontal lines in a square) located top-left of the screen gives you the option to select or deselect your publications and active issues. This changes which issues show on the dashboard.

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TIP: You can choose more than one issue of your publication(s). Doing so will let you visually compare the dashboard tables and graphs over different issues.


Setting your current publication

Go to the main settings page > Under Settings > Select System Defaults.

Here you can set the default month displayed on the dashboard, on the bookings and publications screens. This might be the current month, next month, or two months ahead depending on how far in advance you work.

TIP: You will want to change the default month when you have finished working on one publication and start on another. Also, you will need to change it at the start of a new month.


The publications summary table

At the top of the dashboard, you will see a table summary of your publications showing how close you are to your sales targets.

Composition of your publications

The table shows the composition of your publications:

  •        How many pages of adverts - both the number and the percentage of the total
  •        How many pages of client content (content created on a client)
  •        How many pages contain other content (added on flatplan)
  •        How many pages in total are still available.

The sales target column

Within the sales target column, the % column shows your revenue as a percentage of your sales target. This will show red if you have not yet reached your target, and green if you have exceeded it. The amount column shows the shortfall (red, in brackets) or the amount by which you have exceeded your sales target (green).

Revenue per page and total booked

The final columns in the publication summary table show the average revenue per page, and the total booked for each of your publications.


The provisional bookings summary table

Shows a summary of the provisional bookings in the selected issue(s), along with an expected amount of revenue depending on the % chance of the booking being confirmed.

For more details on provisional bookings click here

The publication bar charts

The first bar chart shows graphically your revenue for your current publications. If you select more issues (accessed by clicking on the toggle button in the very top-right corner), you will be able to compare the graphs for previous issues.

The second bar chart shows the composition of your publications in terms of adverts (purple), client content (dark pink) other content (light pink) and available space (green).


The third bar chart, labelled “Financial” shows how your revenue is divided between advert and client content.

The renewals pie charts

The pie charts show renewals data for each of your publications. Hovering over one of the sectors in the charts will give more details. 

Click on one of the sectors for a detailed list of clients in that category. At the top right of the list you will find a print icon- click on this to download the list as a spreadsheet or pdf.

TIP: The Renewals screen gives you a more powerful tool for searching for and managing renewals. See the section on renewals for more information.



Click on the client name to take you to the actions tab on the client record. 

For more information on actions click here

Today’s Bookings

At the bottom of the Home screen, you will see a list of today’s bookings by everyone in your sales team. If a booking has been cancelled, or the amount has been reduced, this will show up as a negative amount in brackets.

Click on the company name to open the booking

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