Using different invoicing periods


Setting Up Different Invoicing Periods

MagManager provides multiple options for different invoicing periods.

You can choose to invoice per issue, twice per issue, 2 monthly, quarterly, 4 monthly, 6 monthly, Annually or at other intervals.

See also the notes on Invoicing Twice per Issue for bi-monthly publications

1. First, you need to switch on 'Use Invoice Periods'.

Go to the main settings page > Under Settings > Select System Defaults > Switch on 'Use Invoice Periods' > Click Update to save.

2. Next, set the required invoicing period for each client.

Open the client record > Select the Details tab

Choose the 'Invoice Period' from the dropdown box > Select the date for 'Last Invoice in'. Click Update to save.

3. On the Invoicing screen, invoices for the different periods are found under the 'To Invoice' tab.

In this example, an invoice is generated in May for bookings in May, June & July

This client will next be invoiced in August.

2023-12-27 13 36 41 invoicing invoice periods.png

Note: the additional invoice period tabs will only appear if there are bookings to be invoiced in those periods. Annually does not appear below as there are no annual bookings in this issue.



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