Emailing an individual client

When you go to a client's page, you will see that person’s email (if you have it entered) at the top of the screen.


If you click on the email address, you will be able to email them directly from your own email account. MagManager is providing a 'Mail To' link to open your email client (such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail or Mac Mail) to do this.

NOTE: This will only work if you have a default email client set up on your computer. (See section below).

MagManager will add a Bcc email address which copies the email you send to the client timeline.

However, unlike system emails sent out directly from MagManager (booking confirmations, invoices & mailshots), the replies do not appear in MagManager, they will only appear in your inbox.


Q1: Why can’t I send an email when clicking on a client’s email address?

On a client’s record page in MagManager, when you click on an email address at the top of the page or on the Contacts tab, the default email client on your computer or device (such as Outlook) will open to send the email. This works in the same way as clicking on a hyperlinked "Mail To" email address on a website to send an email.

If this doesn’t work, it is probably because you don’t have an email client like Outlook, Thunderbird or Mac Mail set up on your device.

Links to Microsoft & Apple Support - How to setup your default browser

For help on setting Up Outlook as your default browser - visit the Microsoft Support website and search for 'Make Outlook default email'. Or for a mac user visit the Apple Support website.

If you use the online version of Outlook, webmail or Gmail to send your email, you will need to copy and paste the client's email address into the message and add into the BCC field, it won't automatically populate. (See the question below on sending emails from web based email accounts.)


Q2: Why doesn’t the email I sent from MagManager appear in the client’s timeline?

If you click on a client’s email address at the top of their record, then provided the email sends from your computer or device’s email client (such as Outlook, as described above) the email will appear in the timeline, provided that the email address you are sending the email from is the email address you log into MagManager with. (You might have Outlook set up with more than one email address- in this case it is possible to choose which email you use when sending mail and you should ensure it is your MagManager one).

If you send the email using a different "send" email address to your MagManager one, then the email will still send, but it won't appear in the timeline. 

To add an alternative email address. Click on your initials/avatar, top right of the screen > Select My Details > Add the the email to the Alternative Email field > If you need to add more click the green + sign to add additional emails addresses > Click Save.


Q3: Sending emails from a web based email account

If you use a web based email account.  You will have to add the client's email address and create the email message.  In addition you need to add to the BCC field to have a copy of the email appear on the client timeline.


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