Commissions report

To create a commissions report > Go to Reports > Under Financial > Select the report.

There are 3 Commission Reports to choose from:

Commission Report - (Based on who made the booking)

Commission Report - Assigned To - (Based on who the client is assigned to)

Commission Report with Paid Status - (Includes the invoice number for each booked item.  Invoices highlighted in red are unpaid and the commission is then shown in the clawback column)


Select the publication and issues you are interested in, and set your percentages for "Base level commission" and "New business commission". The defaults are 2% for the base level, and 5% for new bookings. 

You can choose how you define what a new booking is: for example a client not booked for 6 months, 1 year, 3 years.

The report is grouped by user, it gives a list of the bookings for clients made by or assigned to each user and works out their commission. (Depending on which report is chosen).
NOTE: When you download the report as an excel file, the bookings and commission for each user will be listed in separate tabs.
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