Bookings for Miscellaneous Items

You might want to create a booking for miscellaneous items such as leaflets, artwork creation costs etc.

The first step is to set up a miscellaneous item so that you can access it in the bookings area later.

To do this, go to Settings > Under Publications & Bookings select Miscellaneous Sales Items.

Click on the green New Item button in the top-right corner, a pop up box will appear where you can fill in the following information:
  • Miscellaneous Item Name
  • Description (optional)
  • Default Price (optional)
  • Inventory Code (optional if you use inventory codes with your accounts package)
  • Whether VAT Exempt
  • Whether to include in Publication Total.
  • Web Listing (optional)
  • Make sure the enabled box is ticked (checked)



Creating a booking for a miscellaneous item

Miscellaneous bookings must be created on a client.

Select a client, and on the bookings tab, click on Miscellaneous, and then click the green Add New Booking tab in the top-right of the screen. 

You now are able to enter the details of your miscellaneous booking. In the "Type" column, choose from the drop-down list one of the miscellaneous items you created in the first step above. 

Select a month under "Invoice In", and enter the price.

You can choose whether to associate this booking with a particular publication and issue.

Important: Keep the text in the Description field to under 200 characters.  Otherwise you will be unable to generate the report from the bookings screen.

Finally, click Save Booking.

Q: Where can I find my miscellaneous bookings?

Go to the Bookings screen (click on Bookings in the top menu) and you will see a list of your Publications on the left hand side.

If your miscellaneous item has NOT been assigned to a publication, it will appear under "Miscellaneous".

If it has been assigned to a publication, it will appear with that Publication.

TIP: Use the Search box on the booking screen to easily locate your type of miscellaneous booking.

NOTE: You can also find a report listing all miscellaneous items by going to Reports and in the Bookings section, selecting Miscellaneous Bookings.

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