The customer portal- introduction

The customer portal can be used to:

Setting up the customer portal

If you want to activate the client portal, Click on the gear icon top right of screen > Under Settings - Click System Defaults, and in the Client Portal section, toggle on the switches for “Use Customer Portal."

Customising the portal - optional

You can customise the portal with your own logo and add your Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. To do this, Click on the gear icon top right of screen > Under Settings - Click Customise Portal. You will then see a list of the customer portal areas that you can edit.

Customising the portal header and footer

To customise the header and footer with your own logo and any extra text you wish to add, click on Portal Header or Portal Footer. This gives you an editor enabling you to add text, links and images. 

To add your logo to the header, click on the MagManager logo and press delete to remove it. Then click the picture icon to upload your own logo in .jpeg or .png format.

A suitable size for your logo is 300px for a logo that is wider than it is long. For a square logo, try 200px.

In the portal footer, you will need to replace MagManager Ltd by your own company name. You can add more text and links to the footer if you choose to. You can also change the colours in the footer.

Adding your privacy policy and your terms and conditions

Go to Settings > Settings > Customise Portal and click on Portal Privacy Policy or Portal Terms & Conditions.

You can copy and paste your Privacy Policy or your Terms and Conditions here. Your portal footer will then link to these pages. Alternatively, you can enter a website link to your Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.


Portal Welcome Email in Document Templates

Please note your users no longer need a user name and password to use the portal, therefore you do not need to send them this email.  Instead a GUID / Globally Unique Identifier is used to generate a direct link in the email your customers receive which links them straight to the artwork in the portal.

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