Placing a Booking on the Flat Plan

Locate your publication on the Dashboard, or from the Publications screen. This will take you to the flat plan overview screen which gives you a condensed view of the flat plan. 

See also: The Flat Plan Overview Screen

Hover over any of the pages to see a page preview. Click on any of the pages to go to the Flat Plan itself, or on the View Flat Plan button on the left.  

Placing a booking on the flat plan

On the left-hand side of the flat plan you will see a list of the advert sizes. Clicking on one of these will show you the bookings made in that size that have not yet been placed.  

Screenshot 2023-08-01 094512.jpg

If you have uploaded artwork, you will be able to see the artwork as long as you have “Show Artwork” toggled on (this is found at the top of the list of advert sizes. You may like toggle this off if you have a slow internet connection).

Bookings without artwork will be shown listed colour-coded by their status.

To place a booking on the flat plan, simply drag it across to where you want it. 

TIP: Clicking on an advert or content allows you to manage the artwork or add notes directly from the flat plan. 

TIP: Click on an advert to bring up the Advert Details box. The text in the “Company” box is what appears in the index, and you can change this here.

Moving bookings

To remove a booking off the flat plan, drag it back to the side bar. To move a booking, drag it to a different place.

To move a whole page, click on the page and arrows will appear at the bottom right of that page. Click on the right arrow icon to move a page, or click on the right-left icon to swap a page with another page. You will be prompted to enter the page number you want.

Where you can’t place bookings

If a booking has been assigned to a premium page (such as inside cover or page 3), it will automatically be placed on the flat plan with a lock icon indicating that it cannot be moved from that page.

If you have specified a right-hand page for a booking, you will see a right-arrow icon for that booking on the flat plan, and you will see a warning if you try and place it on a left page.

You can also set up a booking to be positioned “Not near competitor”. The booking will have an icon of two boxes in the flat plan, and you will see “not close to competitor” when you hover over it. 


Creating bookings directly from the flat plan

The advantage of this method is that it is quick to do. However, content created in this way won’t be duplicated to the next issue. 


You can quickly create content on the flat plan without needing it to be assigned to a client.

image001.jpgFrom the flat plan, locate the size you want on the left side-bar. Find the green “New content” (or "New advert") box and drag this onto the flat plan.

You will then be prompted to fill in details for the booking- including a name for the page. You can also assign it to one of your users.



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