Adding or removing pages - Change Pagination

How To Add or Remove Pages

Pages can be added or removed from the Flat Plan Overview screen. You can access this from either  Home or Publications in the top navigation bar, then clicking on the publication issue.

From the Flat Plan Overview screen, click on Add/Remove Pages

You can add 2 new pages at a time by dragging the yellow new pages icon down to the position in the flat plan you want them.

You will see a warning that the publication is unprintable unless the number of pages is a multiple of 4, so add two more pages.

To remove pages, drag them to the bin icon.

Click the green “Save Changes” button.

NOTE: Your designated centre pages may move when you add or remove pages, depending where in the publication you add them.  If there are adverts on the centre pages you will see the following warning. "Centre Pages Have Move".  You will need to check the flatplan and move any artwork to the new centre pages.

If you have artwork that is specifically booked on the centre pages and you add/remove all pages from either the front or back of the publication, a warning will appear "Fixed Centre Pages Have Been Moved, Please Move Them Back To The Centre". This will prevent the flat plan from being saved until you reposition back to the centre. 

The original centre pages will appear in red.  To move the pages you need to drag and drop them to the centre position eg 10/11 in the example below.  You can then save the changes.

If you add or remove the pages in pairs from before and after the centre pages, the centre pages will stay in position and you won't receive this warning.  So in the image above that would mean removing pages 8/9 and 12/13 or addinig pages between 9 & 10 and 11 & 12.


How To Change The Page Count of New Issues

MagManager will always create a new issue with the same page count as the last issue created. (Note: This is the last issue created and NOT the last issue you sent to print).  To change the page count that MagManager uses to create your new issues > Locate the last issue created by clicking Publications in the top navigation bar > click the green New Issue button top right of the screen. 

In the example below the last issue created is September 2022. If you went ahead and clicked create issue for the October 2022 issue it would be created with 32 pages. 


To change the page number open the flatplan for the September issue and add or remove pages as described above.  When you come to create the October 2022 issue it will be created with the same number of pages as the September 2022 issue.  So if you increased the page count from 32 to 40 in the September issue when you click to create issues for October it will contain 40 pages.


Note:  For any issues already created you need to use the Add/Remove pages function on the flatplan overview.

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