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Mailshots in MagManager allow you to search across all of your clients and create customised email-shots to send to them. You can search for:

  • Clients who are booked in to certain issues
  • Clients who need to supply their artwork
  • Clients with overdue invoices
  • Clients in specific sections 
  • Clients with specifc flags 

TIP: If you have a large database, keep your mailshot batches to around 3000 at a time

NOTE: Only users who have permission to 'View Reports' can send mailshots from MagManager.

Provided that your client replies to your email using an email address that you have in MagManager, replies to emails sent via mailshots will appear in your notifications. You can view all notifications by clicking on the grey bell containing a number (the number of new notifications) which appears at the top-right of your screen.


To start, go to Reports, and click on Create Mailshot, and then on the mail icon.

Click New Mailshot

2024-03-11 09 30 05 Mailshots new mailshot.png

You will now be prompted to choose what sort of communication you wish to create: your search choices will be different depending on which you choose. Choose "General Communication" if the other categories don't fit. You can change your criteria later on if needed.

Setting up Search Options

The search options available for selecting the clients you wish to contact depend on the Email Type that you select. When you have selected your search options, click on the blue Search button. Here's a list of the different types of email you can generate, along with a brief description of the search options available.

NOTE: Any clients who have “Do Not Contact” in their consent settings on MagManager WILL NOT be included when you select “General Communication or Bookings” (the options you would use for marketing), but they WILL be included if choose one of the other options.

1. General Communication

To filter your clients, you can select from publications, issues, sections, categories, flags, who the client is assigned to and your own bespoke client lists. You can choose more than one item in each case. If you leave all the fields here blank, all your clients will be selected. 

2. Artwork

As well as the search options in General Communication above, if you choose Artwork as your email type, you can select one or more artwork status, and whether you want Advert or Content bookings.

3. Invoices

As well as the options in General Communication, you can search for clients with invoices that are due or overdue (or both).

4. Bookings 

If your email type is "bookings", you will be able to look for clients who have booked in, last booked in, or "not booked since" issues you select.

5. Statements

The search settings for statement emails allow you to identify clients with overdue invoices, or all activity between chosen dates.

If you select Activity, you will be prompted to select the start and end dates you are interested in. When you click Search, MagManager will return a list of clients with invoices raised in this period. If you select Outstanding, you will have options to exclude Direct Debit or Standing Order customers. Clicking Search will bring up a list of clients with outstanding invoices.

NOTE: Any clients who have “Do Not Contact” in their consent settings on MagManager WILL NOT be included when you select “General Communication or Bookings” (the options you would use for marketing), but they WILL be included if choose one of the other options.

Working with your Search Results

After choosing your search options and clicking search, you will get a list of clients. These will be presented under a tab called "Results"- you can go back to the Search tab and change your search options if you wish. Any clients without an email address will be listed but will have no tick (check) next to their entry. You can choose to deselect clients from this list. 

TIP: If you want to select just a few items from a list, it's best to unselect them all using the tick (check) box in the header, and then individually select the ones you want.

When you have the clients you want selected, you can either export the results to use in  Mailchimp or another app, or email them directly from MagManager. To send your mailshot from MagManager, go ahead and click the green Select/Create Email button on the top right of the screen.

Creating an email template

From the dropdown list next to "Base my email on: " you can choose an existing template or select to create a new email template on the fly.  If you'd prefer to create your email template for your mail shot in advance check out the notes on creating document templates here.

NOTE: In order to track responses you must add the Tracking ID token to the email.

How to do that is covered in the creating document template notes.

2024-03-21 16 22 11 Tracking id.png

Reviewing and sending emails

When you have finished your email template, click the green Preview and Send button. You will see a preview of the email for the first client on your list.

TIP:    Near to the green Select/Create Email button you will see the number of clients that have been selected.

If you are happy with it, you can either click "send all emails", or if you want to continue looking through all the emails, you can click "send and Next Email". 

You can also skip the current email without sending.

Exporting lists to Mailchimp or another apps

You can export files containing the results of your MagManager mailshot search to send emails with a service such as MailChimp. 

Click on the print icon at the top-right of the screen, and you will see a drop-down list of icons. The second, showing an ‘X’, creates an Excel file of your selected data, and the one below, a .csv file.

There are various other places within MagManager where you have a list of clients that can be filtered and exported. When you see a print icon in the icon set at the top right of the screen, this means you can download information to a spreadsheet.  You could generate filtered lists suitable for exporting to Mailchimp & other apps from the following places:

  •        The Client screen- (accessed by clicking Clients on the main MagManager navigation), you can produce filtered lists by using the flags, searches and sorting facilities from the Client screen .
  •       Reports > Mailshots - You can go through the procedure of creating a mailshot (above) to search for clients based on various criteria, and from the search results tab, select the clients you want to include.   For MailChimp users you can now click the blue 'Export to Mailchimp' button instead of downloading a spreadsheet.
  •        The Renewals screen: All Renewals & your own “hot lists” can also be download. For MailChimp users you can now click the blue 'Export to Mailchimp' button.

Users of other mailing systems should continue to download the data as a spreadsheet or csv file, which can then be imported to that system.


Trouble Shooting - System Emails & Mailshot Replies

The following section goes into details on how your email replies are received when clients reply to a system email or mailshot you have sent them.

When you send system emails from MagManager they will appear in the client’s inbox as follows:

Booking Confirmations, Artwork Assigned to Client for Approval, Invoices & Mailshots based on Artwork & Invoicing:

Your Company Name via MagManager


Mailshots based on General Communication & Bookings

Your Company Name via MagManager

When your client hits reply it will look like this:

1 - As long as the client replies from the email address you sent the email to and they hit reply on that email message to send you their reply - the MagManager mailserver will forward their reply to your email account, add a notification to your MagManager account and add it to the client's timeline.

Always keep an eye on your Notifications for replies, as they will appear there even if your mail server blocks it or puts it into your spam, junk or other folder.

2 - If the client hits reply on the email but replies from a different email address that is NOT registered on their MagManager client record, the MagManager mailserver will still forward their reply into your email account but there will be no notification added in MagManager or on the client's timeline.  If the client uses multiple email addresses you can add the additional emails as a contact on their account,  that will ensure replies are also added to notifications & the client timeline.

3 - If the client composes a brand new email message addressed to or - they will receive the message below, which makes it quite clear that the message has not been received:

Many thanks for your email. Unfortunately it reached one of our unmonitored email addresses:
Please review your original email and respond to the organisation directly.

Many Thanks
MagManager Team

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