Flat plan notes, sections and region markers

Flatplan notes

Clicking the small note icon on the top navigaton bar next to the Find box at the top of the flat plan screen will give you an area for creating notes. You can move the notes around to a convenient position as you work or click the X in the top right corner to remove the box. If you click on the note icon again, the note box will reappear.


If a note has been created the note icon will flash pink when you open up a flatplan.



Creating region markers on the flat plan

For your own use, you can mark sections on the flat plan. These do not appear in your publication.

On the left size of the flat plan, at the bottom of the list of sizes, you will see Region Marker. Click here, and you will see a grey bar which you can drag an position between pages. You will be prompted to give this marker a name, such as “local events”.

Working with sections in the flat plan

You can allocate colours to your sections (Click on the gear icon top right of screen > Under the Publications & Bookings heading - select Sections > Click on a section and select a background colour).
By default, the colour coding on the flat plan belongs to the artwork statuses. If you toggle on “Show Sections” at the top-left of the flat plan, you will see the colour coding belong to the sections. 
You can toggle off “Show sections” later, to see at a glance the colour coding of artwork statuses as before.
You will then easily be able to identify your adverts by section and so move them around - see the screen shot below.

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