Digital Edition - Creating Links To Client Website & Social Media

Digital clickable links to your clients website and social media links are embedded in the Digital Edition Flipbook when it's created in Auto-Publish for the following advert sizes: Full Page, Half Page Landscape, Half Page Portrait, Quarter Page, Quarter Landscape & Eighth Page.  (They are not embedded if you use the upload function to upload your whole publication as a PDF.)

NOTE - The digital links come from the data under Web & Social on the client details tab.  So any changes you make there will NOT be updated on the Digital Edition AFTER it has been created.  Ensure all website and social media links are correct before you create the Digital Edition.  Otherwise you will need to take the page complete setting on the flatplan off and put it back on again to regenerate the page.


On the client details page enter the URL of their website and social media channels 

Tip - Clicking on the icon to the left will open up their website or social media page - if it doesn't open up, check the spelling.  To avoid any spelling errors, copy and paste the URL directly from the website.



How the website and social media links are displayed

When the Digital Edition flip book is open - if you click on an advert which has a website AND social media links set up in their client details page.  A pop up box will appear with icons linking to their website and social medial profiles, as below.



If you click on an advert which has ONLY a website link set up in their client details page, clicking on the advert will take you directly to their website.


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