Active and Inactive Clients

These notes refer to how clients are categorised on the MagManager Client screen. You can find an overview of the Client screen here.


NOTE: In order for clients to appear on the correct tab you MUST mark any old issues as complete.  If you do not do this the data will be wrong.  Eg if the client has bookings in any previous issue that is not marked as "Complete" they will still show up in the "Active" tab.  (See the section 'Marking Issues As Complete' below with instructions on how to do this).



All Tab

By default, when you go to the Client screen, the All tab will display all your contacts. This is everyone entered into your MagManager account (excluding clients who have been marked as inactive on their client details tab) 

Primary Contacts Only

To see only your primary contacts, toggle the "Primary Contacts Only" switch in the top-right of the screen. You can use the Search bar to search for a client by company name, personal name, email or any other field.

Default Display

You can choose whether you want MagManager to show your Active clients tab or All clients tab by default by going to Settings System Defaults and toggling on the "Show active clients first" switch.

Active Tab

To see only Active clients, click on the "Active" tab.  Clients displayed here have a booking in the current issue or in future issues.

Prospects Tab

To see only Prospects, click on the "Prospects" tab.  Clients displayed here have no bookings entered into your MagManager account.

Inactive Tab

To see only Inactive clients, click on the "Inactive" tab.  Clients displayed here have previously booked but have no future bookings.


In order to see or access clients that have been marked as Inactive on the client details tab ie the business has closed down, they've passed away or sold the business


As these clients will no longer show up in searches.  The only way to access them is to go to the clients screen > select the Inactive tab > then toggle the "Show Inactive" switch to green.


They will then show up in the listing with a green tick in the last column headed Inactive.  From here you can click on the client name to open their record.

2023-08-24 16 00 39 clients screen show inactive.png




Marking issues as "complete"

It is good practice to mark an issue as complete when it has gone to the printers.

Issues are marked as complete by going to the Publications screen and toggling the "Complete" switch in the column on the right to on (it shows green). When an issue has been marked as complete, it is no longer possible to change the artwork or the artwork status for any bookings in this issue. (If you need to do this for any reason, you can temporarily mark the issue as not complete while you make your changes).


On the Inactive tab of the Client screen, in the "Last Booking" column, you can select one of your issues to show only clients that have been inactive since that date. Selecting April 2019, for example, shows clients whose last booking was in that month or before.



Marking an old issue "inactive"

If you no longer want historical issues to show for selection on the sidebar you can mark them as "Inactive".

You can mark issues as inactive by going to Settings > Publications and looking on the issues tab. Here you can toggle the issues as active green or inactive grey.   Issues marked as inactive will no longer appear on the homepage sidebar listing.

2023-08-24 13 53 08 publication issues active.png



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