Using the Clients screen

The clients screen is accessed by clicking on Clients on the main website navigation at the top of the screen. From here, you can search your clients, and produce filtered lists to download.

In these notes:

  1. Searching or filtering clients
  2. Using flags
  3. Downloading client lists
  4. Active and Inactive clients
  5. Creating Client Lists

1. Searching and filtering 

Primary Contacts

By default, when you go to the Client screen, you will see all your contacts. To see only your primary contacts, toggle the "Primary Contacts Only" switch in the top-right of the screen. You can use the Search bar to search for a client by company name, personal name, email or any other field.

You can use the search box for many details including (but not limited to) company name, section, contact name, email address, phone number, sales person or flags. 

2023-08-24 15 34 59 client screen.png


NOTE: The search box on the Clients screen is more powerful than the quick client search box found at the top of the home screen.

TIP: To find all the clients assigned to one of your users, put that user’s name in the search box

If you have a Dymo address label printer set up, you can also print a batch of Dymo labels. Filter the clients you want, and then click on the print icon at the very top right of the screen, and select the address label icon.


Category Search

Access by clicking on the magnifying glass in the Section header.


Last Booking

Search based on the last publication the client was booked into.

2023-08-24 15 46 26 Clients Last Booking.png



Search Box

Type any text that you want to search in the search box



2. Using flags in searches

Find out more about using client flags here.

You can use flags to search for clients on the Clients screen, the Bookings screen and the Invoicing screen. You can also use flags when creating a mailshot. 

At the top of the flags column on the Clients screen is a filter icon (which looks like a funnel). Clicking on this allows you to search for clients with any of the flags you have set up. 

Clicking on a flag in the top row (“IS”) will give you a list of all your clients with that flag. Clicking on a flag on the second row (“NOT”) will give you a list of clients who do not have that flag. 

For example, if you choose the flag “events” on the top row, and “bad payer” on the second row, it will return a list of clients who have the “events” flag but do not have the “bad payer” flag.

Using flags for an advanced logical search

You can access an even more powerful logical search with the AND/OR toggle. If you want to use this, you first need to enable it by going to Settings > System Defaults and switching on “Show AND/OR toggle”.

You will now see the word “OR” included in the flag search, and when you click on this, it will toggle to “AND”.


Suppose for example we are searching for clients with the leaflet flag or the 7-day flag. When we click this flag, we get a long list.


We now click “OR” so that it toggles to AND. This time if the same flags are selected, we will only see clients that have both the leaflet flag and the 7-day flag, a shorter list. 

Flag or and settings.png


3. Downloading reports from the client screen 

You can download reports (in .pdf, excel or .csv format) from the client screen by clicking on the print icon that appears at the very top-right of the screen. This downloads the filtered list you have produced with the clients you want.


4. Active and Inactive Clients

To see only Active clients, click on the "Active" tab. 

You can choose whether you want MagManager to show the Active clients tab or All clients tab by default by going to the main Settings Page > Under Settings > Select System Defaults  > Toggling on the "Show Active Clients First" switch > Click Save


Inactive Clients

Clicking on the Inactive Clients tab will show you clients that only have bookings in issues that have been marked as complete, ie they have no future bookings. It is good practice to mark an issue as complete when it has gone to the printers.

Issues are marked as complete by going to the Publications screen and toggling the "Complete" switch in the column on the right to on (it shows green). When an issue has been marked as complete, it is no longer possible to change the artwork or the artwork status for any bookings in this issue. (If you need to do this for any reason, you can temporarily mark the issue as not complete while you make your changes).

On the Inactive tab of the Client screen, in the Last Booking column, you can select one of your issues to show only clients that have been inactive since that date. Selecting February 2018, for example, shows clients whose last booking was in that month or before.


Clients Set as Inactive - Hidden From View

You would set a client to inactive on the client details tab by clicking the toggle switch to red.  This setting is used for clients who have stopped trading, closed the business, have passed away or for any other reason, if you do not wish to contact them again. 


By setting them as inactive their details are hidden from view.  In order to view them, go to Clients > Inactive tab > toggle the Show Inactive tab to green > Any clients who have been set as inactive on the client details tab will appear in the list with a green tick under the Inactive column.

NOTE: these clients will not appear in the list or search if the Show Inactive toggle is switched off.

2023-08-24 16 00 39 clients screen show inactive.png


5. Creating Client Lists

The video below takes you through the steps to create your own client lists.

Go to the Clients screen by clicking Clients in the top navigation bar.  

You can select clients from any of the system tabs All, Active, Prospects & Inactive to add to your list - this can be done in batches.

You can search for clients by using the Search Box or Flags.  Uncheck any clients that you do not want to add to the list.

Click create list:


For a new list - enter a name for the list in the Name field. 

Add to existing list -  leave the name field blank and select the name of the existing list from the dropdown box next to Add to List.

You also have the options to add the list to a Pipeline and Assign it to a user by selecting from the dropdown lists.  And setting the list as your default list - which will display this list by default when the Clients screen is loaded rather than the All tab. 

Click save to create your list, which is displayed on a separate tab when viewing the clients screen.

2023-08-24 16 02 57 client screens list tabs.png

Should you wish to send a mailshot to the clients on your bespoke list, you can pick the client list up from the mailshot search area.


You can find more information on Mailshots in MagManager by clicking this link.

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