Using the client timeline

The timeline is a useful way of keeping track of your actions on and communications with a client. Select a client and then click on the Timeline tab (at the right end of the tabs). 

Recorded in the timeline you will find:

  •        Updates to client details
  •        Details of bookings created, updated or deleted
  •        Details of invoices created and amended
  •        Details of emails sent from MagManager to the client
  •        Details of replies from the client (see below)

By clicking on any items in the timeline list, you can see more details. For example, you can see a copy of the emails sent or details of the invoice created.



NOTE: Where a booking has been updated, you will see a before and after screenshot- a useful way of keeping track.



If a reply from a client is not appear in the client's timeline - check the following:

Open the Clients screen and search for YOUR email address.  If YOUR email address is listed under a client name you need to remove it.

Check notifications for the client's reply.  If it displays there, click on it and it will open up on the timeline of the client record it's been added to.  Generally you'll find this is one of your test account with YOUR email address listed as a contact.

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